Nakamori Akane tragic by Kondo Makihiko ruined life recently revealed more than 80 years old father sighs daughter too heartless

The “Japan’s first scum” Kondo Makihiko, last year was kicked out of marriage after the philandering does not change, and the female president of the incestuous relationship for up to 5 years, scandal-ridden, he announced last month that he had left the 40 years of cooperation with his old boss, Janis Office, but also let the former girlfriend Nakamori Akane recent situation is concerned. The company’s father, who is in his 80s, was recently asked about his daughter’s condition and could not help but lament Akane Nakamori’s heartlessness.

The company’s first ever “The Best of the Best” is the first of its kind. However, her love life was very difficult. During her relationship with Makihiko Kondo, he cheated on her with Anita Mui and Seiji Matsuda, which made her lose weight suddenly and even attempted to die at Makihiko Kondo’s residence in 1989. Soon after that, her career as an actress, which had been so successful, also began to go downhill.

After four years of recuperation, she announced her comeback in 2014, and participated in the 56th Red and White Song Contest as a special project, then for unknown reasons, she slowly disappeared from the screen.

According to the “Weekly Women” report, the 55-year-old Nakamori Akane in recent years to live in the agency president bought the building, but the nearby neighbors have never seen her in and out. The company’s first and foremost, the company’s first and foremost, is a company that has been in business for many years.