20-year-old female idol live suddenly vomited blood test results came out she was heartbroken to give up treatment

A 20-year-old member of the mainland girl group SNH48, Liu Liqian, suddenly vomited blood in her mouth during a live broadcast last week, scaring a lot of fans and causing concern about her health condition. However, Liu Liqian recently reported to her fans that she had a rare disease called “mucinous liposarcoma”, and after considering her family’s financial situation, she decisively chose not to undergo surgery, saying that instead of spending time in a hospital bed, it was better to live every day in good health.

Liu Liqian recently posted an article to explain to her fans the follow-up situation of vomiting blood and confessed that she was diagnosed with mucus-type liposarcoma. According to Wikipedia, liposarcoma is a rare malignant tumor and a cancer caused by the abnormal proliferation of fat cells in deep soft tissues (such as retroperitoneum or inner thighs).

Liu Liqian vomited blood live last week, scaring a bunch of fans. (Taken from Weibo)

Liu Liqian originally came from a wealthy family, but her father later became addicted to gambling and passed away after dissipating all the family’s money, leaving her and her mother to live with each other and start the days of being chased by creditors. And Liu Liqian’s mother is also a cancer patient, because of suffering from breast cancer, received more than 40 times of chemotherapy, so she confirmed that she could not accept the surgery after considering it for an afternoon, “I think it is better to live every day in complete health instead of spending it in the hospital bed.”

Liu Liqian fan support group updates the follow-up status. (Taken from SNH48-Liu Liqian Fan Support Association Weibo)

Thankfully, after much persuasion from members and fans, Liu Liqian finally gave up on the idea of giving up on treatment and decided to undergo surgery. However, Liu Liqian said that she was not worried about whether she could be cured, but how to tell her mother the bad news. The company also thanked the fans and teammates for their concern, “You have helped me a lot, I will look for the hospital again, I am very happy to know you.” It is reported that Liu Liqian has informed her mother of her illness and is ready to be hospitalized for surgery at the weekend.