Play live black and white two roads former Zhou Yunfa fame are less than his heavyweight movie star haggard recent exposure

63-year-old actor Wan Ziliang superb acting skills, black and white roles are not difficult to defeat him, he performed in the gangster series is called a classic, was named “thousand faces”, even Chow Yun Fat was not as famous as him, a few days ago the land media dug out his recent situation, now he has lost the youthful vigor, appearance is a bit away from the mountain, so that the netizens The netizens lamented that the years are not forgiving.

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Wan Zi-liang is an exquisite actor who has lived many classic roles. (Photo/reproduced from Weibo)

Despite the fact that Wan Ziliang has lost some of his past vigor, and his body has grown fatter, and his hair has become less, but he is still active in the Hong Kong entertainment industry, as an amiable senior to help a lot of rising stars, he attended the opening ceremony of the movie “Entrepreneurial Winner” a few days ago, although in a wheelchair, but it can be seen in good spirits, Hong Kong star Lin Jinggang is directly in front of him on his knees to pay homage to his mentor, so that he was pleased, giving him a new name “Lin Ben”.

Although Wan Ziliang’s appearance is not as domineering as before, his hands and feet are still full of big brother style. (Photo/Retrieved from Weibo)

Lin Jinggang kneels down in front of Wan Ziliang and worships him as his teacher. (Photo/Retweets from Weibo)

Wan Ziliang gave Lin Jinggang a red packet of 10,000 yuan (about 43,000 Taiwan dollars) on the spot and said boldly, “If TVB doesn’t promote you, I’ll promote you!” The big brother’s domineering style is still intact. In fact, after the end of his four-year marriage with Tenniel, his acting career began to go downhill, and it was only in recent years that he appeared in front of the screen more frequently.