The daughter is not allowed? The “former sister-in-law of soup” Katie Holmes rumored to break up the restaurant boss

Tom Cruise’s ex-wife Katie Holmes, and restaurant owner and chef Emilio Vitolo’s 8-month relationship came to an end, the two had been playing hot, Katie also once thought there was a possibility of serious development with Emilio, but they finally broke up as a close, but did not tear their faces.

Emilio is 9 years younger than Katie, because his father ran a very successful restaurant, attracting a bunch of celebrities to become guests, he joined as a chef and became a small boss, he also had a lot of contact with the film and television stars, Katie is not his only actor friends, and he also once guest starred in a film or in a small independent film appearances, for Katie’s work environment is fully understood.

Although at the beginning of the relationship, Emilio was unearthed that the last relationship did not cut clean, he and Katie dating time seems to overlap with the previous one, but the two soon put aside all the troubles, immersed in the sweetness of love, but Katie has an adolescent, beautiful daughter Sue Rui, Emilio want to be with her for a long time, you have to pass Sue Rui first. Gossip publications have rumored that Sue Rui is not very accepting of the man who may become her stepfather, overshadowing the relationship for her mother, whether it is true or not, Katie and Emilio did not work out after all, last month Sue Rui’s 15th birthday party, Emilio did not attend, when the outside world has suspected that he and Katie seem to have played out between them.

According to “US” magazine, Katie and Emilio just last month to the feelings of calm period, Katie and to raise children and to develop acting career, inevitably can give Emilio less time, in this case, the two feelings difficult to maintain, can only go their separate ways.

Katie Holmes (right) and Emilio Vitolo had a sweet time. Photo/From Instagram

Emilio Vitolo is a restaurant chef and small business owner, also used to make a guest appearance as an actor. Photo/From Instagram