Wei Junjie divorced from the self-exposed suspected of depression, alone with children stressed, think they may die

On May 14, according to Hong Kong media reports, former TVB actor Wei Junjie attended a press conference to promote the stage play he has a part in, which is also his second appearance in a stage play after 20 years.

In the recent photos, Wei Junjie wore a checkered suit, his hair was combed into a big back, and he had a beard on his mouth, dressed as a big brother, which should be his look in the new play.

In the past few years, Wei Junjie has been acting less and less, and gradually he has been neglecting his figure. This appearance, his figure is rounded and rich. Even if wrapped up tightly, still see him have belly.

In fact, he tried to lose weight, last year once lost 10 pounds, but soon regained weight, I wonder if it is related to the mentality?

Now the bloated Wei Junjie, when he was young, was a handsome man, many beautiful women have favored him, including the fledgling Teng Li Ming.

Wei Junjie and Teng Li Ming is filming the TV series “The Dao Gun Master” when they met, the two play couples interact frequently in the play, in the off-screen also produced feelings. After the drama was finished, they came together and became a pair of real lovers.

The two have been in love for many years, and are recognized as a model couple in the circle. The two of them have been in love for many years and are recognized as a model couple.

However, Wei Junjie and Zhang Lihua’s marriage also did not grow old together. These years, Zhang Lihua from time to time with the opposite sex rumors, so that the two contradictions more and more.

Last year, Wei Junjie officially announced his divorce from Zhang Lihua, his daughter was left to him to raise, Zhang Lihua is back to work, currently engaged in insurance sales work.

Wei Junjie revealed himself that there was a time after the divorce when he was very unwell and felt he might die, always feeling sick all over his body, so he sought the help of a doctor who examined him but said he could not find out what was wrong.

After thinking about it for a while, he thought that he was stressed out from bringing up a child alone and might be suffering from depression. He explained that although he had hired a nanny at home, he could not cook, and he was very busy on weekdays not only cooking for his daughter, but also tutoring her in her homework.

Because of his persistent low mood, when director Zhang Zhijue wanted to ask him to act in a stage play, he was so afraid of dragging down the whole troupe that he decisively refused.

As a result, director Zhang scolded him and told him to reconsider. After thinking about it for a few days, he decided to act in the stage play because he thought what director Zhang said made sense.

Seriously, it is not easy for a couple to bring up a child, let alone Wei Junjie, a big man, stress is inevitable, I hope he can take the opportunity of this comeback to film, regulate their emotions, do not affect the growth of the child.