Wu Qilong sun a word horse in the air, 50-year-old body is still fit as a boy!

Recently, Wu Qilong posted on the social media platform: “Keep young state of mind in addition to the mind …… and in situ to a word horse first!” It can be seen anytime and anywhere to a “one word horse” for him, nothing difficult.

From the picture, Wu Qilong is jumping up to do a word horse! It looks very difficult, ordinary people is a word horse on the flat, but also has been difficult, without a decade or eight years of merit absolutely can not do.

Now, Wu Qilong is already 50 years old, doing such difficult movements, and even attracted the suspicion of fans, it is no wonder that fans are saying that his legs are “fake”. After all, this kind of action is not who can do it, let alone a 50-year-old man!

I have to say, the stars in the body maintenance, or very well done! If ordinary people, to this age is basically a state of retirement!

And Wu Qilong and Liu Shishi are still playing the love story! The two are 12 years apart, but they still look good together. This is inseparable from Wu Qilong’s good eating habits, and serious fitness. Those who say that age is not a gap in love should all refer to people like Nicky Wu, who is not only willing to keep a young mind, but also willing to maintain at least as young as possible in appearance!