Wang Xiaofei is suspected of bankruptcy? The current live with goods super hard, sad face a face of anxiety

On May 13, since not long ago with the female anchor even wheat drunken fiasco, a long time no appearance of Wang Xiaofei again appeared on a live platform, the state of attention, and this time he actually did a live with goods, and the whole process is very hard, once again rumored to be bankrupt.

The day Wang Xiaofei wore a white bottom T, plus a curry suit, the whole person looks very spiritual and competent, the state is not bad.

In the live broadcast, he took the goods to the camera to keep introducing, and sometimes talk with the netizens interaction, can be very hard.

The netizens’ attention is not on the goods he introduced, and the comment section has netizens shouting “Big S” and netizens flirting with “no drunken nonsense today” and “why not today? Drinking”. Because the sale of goods is not taken seriously, he showed some low throughout, and even full of sad face state anxious.

This time Wang Xiaofei appeared live with goods also made netizens very surprised, there are even netizens said “the capital four are put down to sell goods, it is not easy” “This is really broke it”.

For the netizen’s remarks Wang Xiaofei did not explain too much, many times face stiff some overwhelmed, not a moment later, on the excuse to leave the live room.

In recent years, the Internet has often rumored that Wang Xiaofei business failure facing bankruptcy, and the media has disclosed that it was gifted to the big S engagement to buy a mansion are sold at a 20% discount to serve as a flow of funds.

The company’s performance in the last two years has been a real source of speculation. Not long ago, he was drunk late at night and even a female anchor, full of stubble and red face, not only in the live foul language, the state is also very disheveled, causing a lot of controversy.

This also triggered rumors of a marriage between him and “Big S”, which was a big deal. The next day he appeared on social media platforms to make a formal apology statement and to explain his actions.