The peak of the entertainment industry acting battle, laughing spit

What a remarkable young generation of actors.

They created a number of artistic sects out of thin air, so that the literary world hundred flowers bloom hundred schools of thought.

Among them can be cloudy religion, face paralysis religion, maiden religion by virtue of too funny strength, to kill out of the rounds to lead.

First of all, the famous quadrilateral, can cloud religion.

The founder, Ms. Yun, had a strong foothold in the entertainment industry by virtue of the performance skills such as intoxication, such as epilepsy, such as crazy.

The essence of this sect is pomposity.

It requires the actor to enter the scene with a superb sense of conviction and to perform without physical objects when necessary.

For example, the young performing artist, Zhou Ye, has become a worthy student of this school.

In a melodramatic film and TV drama that has just started, she has portrayed the acting style of this sect to the fullest.

She is immersed in the pain of the battlefield, in stark contrast to the young boy in front of her.

She wiped away her tears cleanly with both hands in order to express the strength of women, and a hungry tiger pounced on the young boy who played the role better than she did.

The role in the play is interpreted by Zhou also after a deep analysis of the character.

Her lips, teeth, tongue and saliva in the face of her love but not her beloved, all expressed great sadness.

It is said that women in love have zero intelligence, and Zhou also portrayed this with her superb performance.

With this wave of acting, Zhou also conquered millions of viewers, can cloud religion after someone, her ascension is just around the corner.

When it comes to the big disciple of the cloudable religion, it is none other than Wu Junyan.

She was deeply impressed by the true tradition of Koyun’s pompousness, using her staring eyes and hands that had nowhere to rest to show the panic of encountering a hijacking.

Afterwards, recalling the kidnapper’s horrible appearance, she covered her head with her hands in fear of recalling.

Wu Junyan in can Yun teach the heritage, no physical performance of this course, she comprehended the peak.

A bite did not bite the bun, she can perform both delicious, but also difficult to swallow the double meaning.

This wave of wonderful performance, take to and big baby battle a little, will not fall into the wind.

Deer Aoi watched and just wanted to cheer Wu Junyan.

Ouyang Nana is also a believer in the teachings of Ke Yun, on the basis of imitating Ke Yun’s insanity, holding a strong self-driven effort to surpass yesterday’s self and let the ants race away for ten years.

This faction has a more imbalanced ratio of men to women, and the more typical of the male disciples, is Zhang Yishan.

He was choking on the days when the white eyes rolled up to the sky.

And the grotesque eyebrows, are the best reflection of his acting skills.

If the audience friends did not get their acting skills, then certainly not blame the actors, it must be the audience does not understand the art of acting.

Speaking of the second more prevalent acting style in the literary community.

It is the face palsy sect.

Facial paralysis, is the highest level of performance.

Because it adds micro-expressions to the performance, the actor needs to be able to use the facial palsy performance style to convey emotions after the two disciplines are integrated.

Like Li Yifeng’s eyebrows without any change, it can come to convey sadness, longing, love and pain.

This faction is a bit philosophical, the elephant is invisible, the sound is loud, invisible is better than tangible.

The same expression is used to cope with earthly emotions.

And deep into this mode of performance, and the use of perfection there is Yu Misty.

One expression can go everywhere.

Without subtitles, you will never know whether Chen Xue Dong is angry and furious or full of joy.