Karen Lee’s mother-in-law died last month at the age of 103, sick in her old age and could not recognize the people around her, once rumored that her mother-in-law and daughter-in-law did not get along

On May 13, the Hong Kong media reported that Karen Lee’s mother-in-law, known as “Mrs. Hui” Xu Jianxun (also known as Xu Jianxing Chun) passed away.

According to the obituary published by the family, Mrs. Hui passed away on April 29 in Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital at the age of 103, the Hui family has always been low-key, Mrs. Hui’s funeral on May 12, the whole process was not exposed by the media.

When Li Jiaxin married Xu Jinheng in 2008, it was always rumored that Xu Jinheng was an only child, but it was not.

Mrs. Hui and her husband Xu Shixun have two sons and one daughter, including sons Xu Jinggan (who died after a long illness) and Xu Jinheng, and daughter Xu Xueyuan.

Li Jiaxin’s father-in-law Hui Sai-hun, son of the late ship’s king Hui Ai-chou, passed away in 2018 at the age of 98.

The Hong Kong media reported that Mr. and Mrs. Xu Shixun had HK$42 billion in assets during their lifetime, but their style was low-key. If it wasn’t for their son’s marriage to the “most beautiful Hong Kong girl”, the two elders would not have been on the cover of entertainment magazines often.

The couple was married for many years and was very much in love, often holding hands and going out on dates, but in the last few years of his life, Mrs. Xu was ill and could not recognize the people around him, so Xu Shixun insisted on accompanying his wife personally, reducing the number of outings, and also hired seven or eight nannies to take care of his wife the best.

After Xu Shixun’s death, Mrs. Xu and her nanny continued to live in the HK$1 billion Xu family mansion at 10 Tai Long Wan Road, and Mr. and Mrs. Xu Jinheng would bring their son to the mansion to visit Mrs. Xu on weekends.

The Xu family mansion is one of Hong Kong’s expensive mansions, with land accounting for 87,150 square feet (about 8,100 square meters) and a lavish 8,805 square feet (about 818 square meters) of mansion floor space.

Later on, as Mrs. Hui’s condition worsened, she was admitted to the Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital by her family and cared for by professional medical staff.

It is rumored that when she married Henry Hui, she had many conflicts with Mrs. Hui, and the Hong Kong media often reported that their mother-in-law and daughter-in-law did not get along, but in fact, as soon as she married into the Hui family, she received a gift from her in-laws of a mansion in the Mid-Levels, “Xiao Lu”, with a market value of over HK$100 million.

Li Jiaxin gave birth to her son Xu Jiantong (Jayden), Xu Shixun couple as grandparents, spending five million Hong Kong dollars for their grandson’s 100-day banquet, so it can be seen that they are not mean to their daughter-in-law.

There are also reports that Mrs. Hui was indeed dissatisfied with Li Jiaxin at first, and only after the other party gave birth to a grandson did she soften her attitude toward Li Jiaxin.

The Hong Kong media said, Xu Jinheng and Li Jiaxin registered marriage, did not notify the parents of the Xu family early, so that Mrs. Xu was very angry, until the day of the wedding, Mrs. Xu did not forgive her son and daughter-in-law, absent from the new couple with family and friends photo.

In addition, Li Jiaxin had publicly expressed her desire to find a surrogate, which also made the traditional-minded Mrs. Hsu angry.

As mentioned earlier, Mr. and Mrs. Xu Shixun have assets of HK$42 billion in their name. They turned their properties into family trusts and insurance policies in their early years, and several children can draw HK$2 million a month for living expenses, including Mr. and Mrs. Xu Jinheng.