Feng Shaofeng appeared after the divorce, smiling brightly in good shape suspected out of the haze of marriage

On May 12, some netizens photographed Feng Shaofeng showing up on the streets of Shanghai, shooting a new drama with Hai Qing. The photo shows Feng Shaofeng wearing a dark blue top, laughing and talking with Hai Qing, looking in good shape.

The two sides released a statement explaining the reason for the divorce: “The two of them came together because they met at work, but they also chose to return to friendships because of the work. In the past, the two of them truly treated each other and had a happy and beautiful time. Even if they choose to separate now, they are very grateful for the past meeting and getting to know each other. This is a joint decision made by both sides after thoughtful and friendly consultation, nothing to do with internet gossip or outside influences.” After the divorce, Zhao Liying was exposed to be much thinner, the waist circumference of the jeans was several turns bigger, and had to be fixed with pins to ensure that it did not fall down.

Some netizens said, “are afraid to ask sister waist circumference how much, really famous ants waist.” There are also many people worried about Zhao Liying’s physical condition, reminded: “Feelings after the divorce and a lot of violent thinning, work hard or to the body as a priority!”