The family photo of Zhang Jike when he was in love with Jing Tian said his parents divorced after the epidemic

Recently Jing Tian revealed in an interview that her parents divorced after the epidemic, and couldn’t hold back her tears.

She said the world has too many mistakes and imperfections to “tolerate”, revealing that she “grew up seeing her parents fight” and bluntly said “that was a particularly big hurt”. She revealed that her mother had asked her, “If I choose to get a divorce when you are in your 30s, will you hate me?” and that she received a divorce certificate from her mother not long after she went out to work after the epidemic had improved a bit.

This foreground sweet had sunshine to celebrate his mother’s birthday photos, photos of Jing sweet mother’s face overflowing smile, the most surprising is Zhang Jike also went, seems to sunshine family photos, the family is happy, and now people sigh things are different.

Jing Tian had sunshine family photo