The epidemic is unpredictable Xi Jinping to Chinese medicine “pulse” hidden two hidden worries

On May 12, Xi Jinping visited the Medical Saint Shrine and Nanyang Yibao Mugwort Products Company in Nanyang City to learn about the development of Chinese medicine. (Video screenshot)

Xi Jinping recently visited Henan Province and emphasized relying on Chinese medicine to fight the epidemic. The highly contagious Indian variant of the virus has now reached mainland China, and with no effective treatment drugs yet, the epidemic is unpredictable. Some analysts believe that Xi Jinping’s “pulse” for Chinese medicine conceals two hidden concerns.

According to official media reports, on May 12, Xi Jinping visited the Medical Temple in Nanyang City and the Nanyang Yibao Mugwort Products Company to learn about the development of Chinese medicine. Xi again emphasized the need to develop TCM and take the path of combining Chinese medicine to fight the CCP virus epidemic.

Some analysis believes that Xi Jinping advocates Chinese medicine to prevent epidemics, there are two major hidden worries. One is that there is no effective treatment for the mutated CCP virus worldwide, and the efficiency of China’s domestic vaccine is extremely low, so the epidemic on the mainland is still unpredictable.

On the other hand, the authorities hope to export traditional Chinese medicine and talents to the outside world, using Chinese medicine to alleviate the difficulties caused by the “double cycle”. As early as June last year, Xi Jinping told a symposium of experts and scholars that “Chinese medicine” has been borrowed and used by many countries.

Recently, the Ministry of Commerce of the CPC and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other seven departments jointly issued a notice on several measures to support the high-quality development of the national Chinese medicine service export base, supporting the base to carry out overseas investment and technical cooperation, and supporting the training of more talents who know Chinese medicine and foreign languages.

However, in an article by Xi Jinping published in the latest issue of the Chinese Communist Party magazine Quyi in May, it was revealed that the Chinese economy has been hit hard by the plague that has swept the world, and that the authorities have a hard time explaining their “double-cycle” economic strategy.

In the article, Xi reveals that during his visit to Zhejiang during the Communist Party’s viral epidemic, he found that “the global industrial chain supply chain was partially broken under the impact of the epidemic, which directly affected China’s domestic economic cycle. Many local enterprises need foreign raw materials can not come in, overseas personnel can not come, goods can not go out, and had to stop work and production.

In fact, the CCP has been taking advantage of the epidemic to engage in mask diplomacy, vaccine diplomacy, and now attempts to promote traditional Chinese medicine diplomacy. in early 2020, after the epidemic broke out in Wuhan, CCP epidemic prevention expert Zhong Nanshan pushed for the Chinese medicine Lianhua Qingfei capsule, claiming that it was effective for patients with mild cases of the CCP virus.

According to Xinhua News Agency on March 18, 2020, the six herbal medicines recommended by the epidemic prevention experts, namely Lianhua Qingfei Capsules, Qinglung Drainage Soup, Dampness Defeating Toxin Formula, Xuanlung Defeating Toxin Formula, Jinhua Qingxian Granules, and Blood Bijing Injection, are the “Three Medicines Tripartite” to prevent and treat the CCP virus.

At one time, Lianhua Qingfei capsules were used as anti-epidemic drugs in many European countries, but in May 2020, the Swedish government ordered the ban on the entry of Lianhua Qingfei capsules.

According to documents from the Swedish Customs Administration, the customs laboratory analyzed “Lianhua Qingfei” and found that the main ingredient of this Chinese medicine is menthol, which is “not useful at all” for patients infected with the Chinese Communist virus.