U.S. Trade Representative: “Time is of the essence” in deliberations on China trade policy

U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai said that the timing of trade policy deliberations involving China is “critical” and that the Biden administration will not hesitate to point out China’s unjust trade practices.

In testimony before the House Appropriations Committee on Thursday (May 13), U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai said the issue of expiring 301 tariff exemptions is part of the Biden administration’s deliberations on trade policy related to China and that the deliberations are “time-critical.”

Dyche said the Biden administration “will not hesitate to point out China’s unfair trade practices that hurt American workers, undermine the multilateral system, or violate basic human rights.”

She said, “We welcome fair competition. But if China can’t or won’t adapt to international rules and norms, we have to level the playing field.”

During the hearing, Dyche also said that the World Trade Organization negotiations on the exemption of intellectual property rights for the new coronavirus vaccine are an opportunity to make the WTO, a deeply divided organization, relevant again to world needs. She is personally committed to participating in negotiations that take into account the concerns of all parties, including pharmaceutical companies.