Biden Proposes Fuel Shortage with Increased Education Spending

The Breitbart News reported May 13 that Biden was asked Wednesday how to end the gas shortage on the U.S. East Coast, and his answer was to increase federal spending on education.

Biden said, “We have to make a bigger investment in education as it relates to, to be able to train and graduate more people who are proficient in cybersecurity.”

Addressing the gas shortage, Biden said, “One of the most important things we must do to restore our position as the world’s leading innovator is to have a better educated workforce.”

Biden acknowledged that his answer was not a “direct response” to the question. Biden expressed sympathy for Americans suffering from soaring oil prices, but he did not offer any direct solutions.

Biden said the administration is working closely with pipeline executives to restore the pipeline to service, and teased good news in the next 24 hours.

Initially the White House refused to acknowledge the fuel shortage, and later handled the oil panic crisis poorly. By Tuesday, Biden officials said it was not a fuel shortage, but a “supply crunch. On Wednesday, White House press secretary Leonardo Psaki also had to struggle to explain the Biden administration’s evolving understanding of the issue.

Pusaki told reporters in all seriousness, “Monday afternoon, 48 hours ago, we said ‘there is no supply shortage at this point,’ and that’s accurate. We also said that we are continuing to monitor very closely what the impact will be.”