Xingda power plant shutdown brewed all over Taiwan 513 blackout affects the number of households directly forced 815 blackout

Shopping mall employees work in pitch darkness during the 815 blackout in 2017.

The 513 power outage in Taiwan today is expected to implement three rounds of zoning blackouts, affecting 6.17 million households, and the scale of the impact of this blackout has been directly compared to the 815 blackout in 2017, when about 6.68 million households were affected.

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The 513 blackout was caused by the failure of the ultra-high voltage substation, resulting in the shutdown of four units at the Xingda power plant, including two coal-fired units that had been in operation for a long time. Power industry sources said that if the UHV substation bus maintenance is not smooth, the situation of power supply restoration is feared to be lengthened.

Taipower said that the current three rounds of zoning blackouts, affecting 6.17 million households, but if the repair does not go smoothly, will continue to implement the fourth round of zoning blackouts. The scale of today’s blackout has been forced to 815 blackout, if the implementation of the fourth and fifth round of zoning blackout, the number of households affected will exceed 815 blackout.