Alibaba’s first quarterly loss in 8 years hit by antitrust fines

Alibaba Group released its latest financial results on the evening of 13th, showing an operating loss of 7.654 billion yuan (RMB, same below, about US$1.186 billion) as of the first quarter of this year, which is the first quarterly loss for Alibaba since its IPO in September 2014, affected by a huge antitrust fine. However, Ali’s retail platform performance remained solidly up.

Despite Alibaba’s loss, Alibaba’s retail performance continued to grow steadily. According to the results, Alibaba’s annual GMV (total website transaction value) for its China retail platform reached RMB8.119 trillion in fiscal 2021, up RMB1.066 trillion from last year. In addition, mobile monthly active users in China’s retail marketplace also increased by 23 million to 925 million in the quarter compared to the same period last year, and revenue for the quarter increased 64% to 187.395 billion yuan. In addition, Taobao Live’s fiscal year GMV exceeded RMB 500 billion.

In its earnings report, Alibaba reiterated that its user growth is primarily coming from the downmarket, with approximately 70% of its FY 2021 added annual active consumers coming from less developed regions. Alibaba reaches 1 billion active consumers globally in FY 2021.

At the other business levels, in fiscal 2021, excluding intra-group inter-company transactions, Cainiao Network achieved solid revenue growth of 68% year-over-year and positive operating cash flow in fiscal 2021. In March this year, the average daily parcel volume of Cainiao Network’s global parcel network exceeded 5 million pieces.

And in fiscal 2021, Ali’s cloud computing business revenue grew 50% from last year to RMB 60.12 billion, according to Gartner’s report in April this year, which ranked Alibaba Group as the world’s third largest and Asia Pacific’s number one in the global IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) market last year.