513 power outage! Wang Meihua leads Taipower to bow and apologize, power supply expected to be restored at 8 p.m.

Due to the bus failure of Kaohsiung Road North ultra-high voltage substation, resulting in the Xingda power plant jumped, the whole Taiwan (13) afternoon from nearly 3 o’clock one after another outages, and since 3 p.m. the implementation of emergency zoning rotating power outages, has affected more than ten million households. Minister of Economic Affairs Wang Meihua bowed in apology to the public together with Taipower in the evening. The Ministry of Economic Affairs said that due to the early parallel connection of coal-fired units at Xingda Power Plant, all power supply is expected to be restored at 8 p.m.

Taipower explained that due to the bus failure of the ultra-high voltage substation in Kaohsiung City, Lujhu Road North, the power of Xingda Power Plant could not be output and jumped, a total of two coal-fired and two gas-fired units jumped, affecting about 2.2 million kilowatts of electricity, accounting for 6% of the peak load. To ensure the safety of the power grid, a zonal rotating power supply mechanism is adopted. As the 2017 815 blackout was carried out by the AB group of zoning blackout, so this time for the C group and D group of rotating blackout, as of 8 p.m. before repair, there are six rounds of power restrictions, affecting about 4 million households, 11.39 million times.

In the industrial area, 29 of the 62 industrial areas were blacked out on a rotational basis, while the science park was less affected and the processing area was more affected by Nanzhi.

Taipower spokesman Zhang Ting Lyr said that the bus fault belongs to the power grid fault, not the power supply side fault, the frequency of the power grid fault is reduced, in order to protect the safety of the unit, it will automatically jump the machine. After the unit of Xingda power plant is restarted, the bus fault must still be eliminated before it can return to normal power supply. Taipower explained that the bus is like an “extension cord socket”, when the extension cord socket fails, even if there is electricity, it cannot be transmitted, which is why there is no problem with power generation, but when the bus fails, there is a power outage.

Wang Meihua pointed out that the cause of the bus failure, has instructed Zeng Wensheng and the State Council to further investigate and review, will be more complete tomorrow as soon as possible, as to how to blame, will be in the review together with the treatment.

This time a total of more than 5 hours to affect the people’s electricity, the reason for taking so long, Taipower said, mainly because the original forecast for mid-May peak load of 35 million kilowatts, but today the actual 36.7 million kilowatts, higher than expected; at the same time, there are three units of normal planning age repair, next week will return to the supply ranks, affecting 2.4 million kilowatts; in addition, the hydrological conditions are not good, with water conservation measures can not be fully power generation. In addition, the hydrological condition is not good, and the water conservation measures cannot generate power at full capacity, resulting in the most immediate response to support the generation of hydro units to reduce 800,000 kilowatts; as well as solar photovoltaic than the forecast value of 300,000 kilowatts less, wind power is also less than expected 250,000 kilowatts.

Wang Meihua said that now Taiwan’s climate is getting hotter and hotter, coupled with a very good economy, the future increase in electricity consumption should be prepared earlier; Taipower’s annual repair arrangements have been earlier than last year, and in the future, we need to apply power demand to make better responses; she also stressed that in order to stabilize power supply, it is relatively necessary to add more units to make the supply more stable, so it is necessary to increase gas units and renewable energy.