Chengdu 49 middle school student fell to his death official media finally open the scene video … but -netizens: video faking, who deceive ah

The last footage of Lin Weiqi appearing in the police video (Photo credit: video screenshot)

The Chengdu 49 middle school student’s fall has been on the hot search recently, becoming one of the most concerned events among Chinese people at home and abroad. The incident began when parents went to the school to see the surveillance of the student’s death, but the school did not know anything about it; to the parents’ voices demanding the truth, the local education bureau investigation team and the police issued two brief, incoherent reports; and evolved to a large number of citizens going to the school gate to show solidarity with the parents of the deceased, triggering the authorities to maintain stability. As the incident continued to ferment, the Chinese Communist Party media and official media made successive appearances, releasing the “video” of the student’s fall and claiming that the student had long had light thoughts of life; the body of the deceased, which had been dragging on for days, was quickly cremated after official intervention; the family of the deceased had not posted a microblog since the 11th; the comment sections of China’s major social media were A “sigh of relief” after the “truth is revealed” ……. The whole incident has taken a dramatic turn for the worse under the leadership of the officials, and has quickly come to a conclusion.

The student’s fall from the building in Chengdu 49 Middle School triggered a mass outrage, so much so that the official media had to take the lead in public opinion. The Xinhua News Agency sent out a report in the early hours of the 13th to “restore the truth” about the various doubts surrounding the incident. Three days have passed since high school student Lin Weiqi’s fall and his mother, Ms. Lu, sought help from the media on Weibo.

Ms. Lu posted on Weibo on May 10-11 that her son died in a strange fall after returning to school on Mother’s Day, and that the school authorities only notified his parents two hours after the incident. The family of the deceased was refused permission to see the monitor footage, and the school was not allowed to enter. Later, the police finally intervened to watch the surveillance, but the key footage before and after the fall of Lin Weiqi is not available. In addition, there were rumors on the Internet that a school teacher pushed Lin Weiqi down the stairs because he was taking up his child’s place to study abroad.

The incident became an online storm, but the local investigation team and police only issued two brief reports, leaving many questions about the incident unanswered, fueling public discontent. According to images circulated online, a large crowd of protesters gathered outside Chengdu 49 High School on the night of 11, shouting “truth” through the police cordon, and several police officers rushed into the crowd to arrest people.

A report by Xinhua News Agency on the 13th explained the above questions one by one. The report cited the head of the Chengdu Public Security Bureau, pointed out that from the time Lin Weiqi left the classroom to the fall, the entire process of surveillance video continuous and complete, Lin Weiqi’s father and three other people also viewed all the surveillance video on the 10th.

As the deceased climbed into the platform belongs to the unoccupied area, not installed monitoring, so there are 12 minutes of the screen did not see him. But the monitor still has a shot of Lin Weiqi fall figure.

Ms. Lu said earlier that her child was confident in his studies, “before noticing any abnormalities”, while the official media released the monitor footage shows that the deceased is suspected to have held a knife several times before the fall to cut the left wrist, in the middle of the performance of hanging head, shaking the brain, depressed.

The police retrieved the cell phone data used by the student surnamed Lin before he was born and found that in June last year, and a close friend in the chat on the idea of jumping off the building.

For the family to be notified by the school only about two hours after the incident, the report quoted the director of the school’s safety center, Mi Ping, as saying that the student had serious head injuries that made identification difficult, and the class teacher had left his cell phone at home that day, so it took some time to find the parents’ contact information, so it was slower to contact the parents.

The report also clarified the online rumors that the ambulance left immediately without delay and that the police got the time wrong; that the body is still in the funeral home and has not been cremated without permission; and that there is no school teacher’s child competing with Lin Weiqi for a place to study abroad.

After the Xinhua News Agency issued this report, media coverage of the incident shifted to a review of the school’s and police’s response, rather than questioning the suspicions of the incident itself. But netizens disagreed with the video that was released.

The video of the deceased before the fall went online and public opinion exploded

The Sichuan Daily, an organ of the CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee, released a “video” of the deceased before she fell on the 13th, but without any complete footage, all screenshots were made. Netizens who saw the video first questioned: “First: this is not a video, it’s called PPT; second: all the time is written up, not the original time of the video; third: a few days, finally made up the truth, hard work you guys.”

Chinese Communist Party media CCTV, on the other hand, released part of the complete video clip through Chengdu Chenghua District Police, but was questioned by some netizens as using a body double, “because it takes time to find a body double, rehearse and post-production of the film.” Otherwise why not in the first time parents asked to see the monitoring refused, but not until the official intervention of the video.

There are also netizens found that Lin Weiqi slit his wrists when the body a moment inside the door, a moment outside the door, editing splicing traces obvious: “Let alone the problem of double light from the technical level, this video is edited, and the original monitoring is not possible, panoramic close-up distant view such as shooting a movie with the lens language. And if even the original video amplification, then the camera position is certainly consistent, it is impossible to slit the wrist moment a person outside the door, a person was blocked by the door, so either artificial multi-camera shooting or midway the director said to stop, the action is not in place to stop and move the position.”

Others said, “How can the school, the police, the Education Bureau make people believe? If there is video why not take out on the 10th? If the ambulance is not late why did not say so before? Why did the media all go mute? Didn’t they receive orders from the authorities? Why did you give the order? Isn’t there a ghost? Now it is said that the child was going to commit suicide and slit her wrists, what did you do before? Why can’t you show it to Lin’s mother? The teacher so coincidentally didn’t even have her cell phone on her? This is very much like what my child said when she lied, so you guys worked overtime to come up with something like this?”

A magnified picture of Lin when she slit her wrists (Photo credit: Internet)

“Actors find good, the video is also good, everywhere empty, did not find other students with mass actors, became a one-man show, failure! People’s Daily cooperated with the put, which live together, just take you people as fools ah!”

“Even if the video is true, I would still think it’s fake. Why? Because there are still a lot of logically implausible questions. Why didn’t the school let the parents see the video in the first place? Why didn’t the school let the parents in the school door? Why did the class not dare to speak, and the teacher did not say anything? Lin’s mother @ so many media, all pretending to be deaf and dumb, who told them to do so? Does the school have so much power? I don’t believe it!”

Zhihu netizens broke the news that the school asked to be silenced (Photo credit: Internet)

Are there dead ends in schools or not?

It is worth noting that the video released by the Chinese Communist Party’s official media before Lin Weiqi’s fall is incomplete, missing key footage of his fall. The police explained this by saying that the location of his fall was in a blind corner area of the video, although a teacher in charge of campus security said in Zhihu that he was not from Chengdu 49 Middle School, but that the requirement of the higher authorities for their school was full coverage of the surveillance without dead corners, and that they only needed to say it was broken when needed. He also suggested not to waste money on building any full coverage, as it will be broken when something happens anyway.

Zhihu netizens comment on the lack of surveillance (Photo credit: Internet)

According to Sichuan Daily, as of January 17, 2013, in Chengdu Chenghua District, primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, “SkyNet” video surveillance system and public security network alarm coverage has reached 100%. “Campus video surveillance system and alarm facilities are all connected to the public security monitoring platform, to achieve real-time police monitoring of the district’s primary and secondary schools and kindergartens campus security.”