Xi Jinping’s face: “Learning to be strong” in the end what has learned? Many women fall in love online was cheated of millions of dollars

On April 24, 2021, the Public Security Bureau of Nanchong City, Sichuan Province, China, issued an emergency warning that a fraudster had used the “Learn Strong” app to defraud a user of more than a million dollars. (Photo credit: composite by Radio Free Asia)

The “Learn Strong Country” mobile app, which is used by the Chinese Communist Party to inculcate Xi Jinping’s ideas, has recently been exposed as a scandal, not only for monitoring users and stealing cell phone data, but also for being used by fraudsters as an accomplice in “telecom fraud. The news said that a number of single women in the system have fallen into the virtual online love fraud, losing at least millions of dollars.

According to a May 13 report by Radio Free Asia, the use of the “Learning Power” software for illegal activities has left Xi Jinping in disgrace, and officials have launched a nationwide crackdown on telecoms fraud, using family members as leverage to force people who may have been involved in the case to return home to help with the investigation.

Santai County, Mianyang City, Sichuan Province, took the lead in the crackdown on wire fraud on May 13, when the Public Security Bureau issued a circular for collective persuasion, asking Santai nationals stranded in Southeast Asia, especially those smuggled into northern Myanmar and the Golden Triangle, to take the initiative to report to Santai police within 30 days of the circular, explaining their local situation.

The circular specifies that those who do not report voluntarily after the deadline will have their bank and internet payment accounts frozen, as well as all documents suspended, and all policy preferences and benefits for themselves and their families cancelled.

The notification letter from the police of Santai County marks this time the official for the network fraud due to “insulting habits” and finally be taken seriously. (Photo source: Santai official release)

Santai County Public Security Bureau anti-fraud joint office police officer Wu confirmed the matter to Radio Free Asia, and said that this crackdown on telecommunications network crime, is under the unified deployment of the State Council. Northern Myanmar belongs to the focus area.

Another police officer of the joint anti-fraud office pointed out that if the smugglers do not accept the persuasion to return, their families, and even their children’s college entrance exams and schooling, may be affected.

However, since the full outbreak of the epidemic early last year, the Chinese Communist Party has tightened entry and exit controls, turning away large numbers of people stranded in Southeast Asia who are surviving in increasingly dire conditions. As the epidemic in India worsens and spreads to neighboring countries, officials are more concerned that the return of people stranded in Southeast Asia will lead to another outbreak.

Santai County Public Security Bureau anti-fraud office officer Wu said, at present only registered, whether these people can return to the country, need to wait for the border crossings open after. As for when it will be open, they do not know.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

It is reported that in recent years, with the deterioration of the economic situation, a large number of unemployed Chinese people smuggled to Southeast Asia, especially the armed zone in northern Myanmar, Cambodia and other places, to engage in telecommunication (network) fraud specifically targeting Chinese people, and led to thousands of people being cheated, but the Chinese Communist Party officials have no intention to pay attention to. It was not until this time that the “Learn Strong Country” app, considered a political symbol of Xi Jinping, became an accomplice to the scam that the authorities became anxious.

The app, which is said to be the most downloaded mobile app in China, is being used as a money scam by crooks who register with their real names to gain the trust of other followers and then set up investment or betting traps to cheat them out of their money.

The public security bureau of Nanchong City, Sichuan Province, issued an “emergency warning” on its official microblogging site on the 24th of last month, announcing a case of investment and wealth management telecom fraud using the “Learning Strong” APP in its jurisdiction, involving a single amount of more than one million yuan.

The announcement said: fraudsters use real-name registration to gain the trust of others, to induce friends in the platform, to participate in fake investment or gambling, the victim found cheated, will immediately be pulled black.

The “Learning Power” mobile app, which was launched on New Year’s Day 2019, is a medium for the propaganda department of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee to promote the thoughts and words of CPC General Secretary Xi Jinping, and central media reporters even had to pass an exam within the app to obtain a press card, once becoming the top app download list in China.

According to a study by the Open Tech Fund and a German information security company, the “Learning Power” app is spying on the lives of Chinese people, victimizing more than 100 million cell phone users.

According to the report, the Chinese Communist authorities are not only using the app to create a “brainwashing project,” but also to retrieve information, photos, contacts and browsing history of more than 100 million users, and can even activate the phone’s recording function at any time.