Liu Zhen’s 5-year-old daughter’s recent situation is not ideal, Wu revealed that he is worried about Ni Ni’s learning problems

The state of Xinlong has been less than ideal, Liu Zhen passed away more than a year ago, but this more than a year, the death of his beloved so that Xinlong can not really come out of the shadow.

According to Wu on May 11, Xinlong’s state is not ideal, and he is worried not only about Xinlong, but also about Liu Zhen’s 5-year-old daughter, Ni Ni.

The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible solution to the problem of burnout.

Wu Zongxian revealed that he has been engaged in the variety business for many years, relying on a persistence and love. But there are some people who leave more suddenly, they can not really get out of the shadow, I hope that some of these friends who can not get out learn from themselves.

In fact, Xian said very clear, we all know that he is talking about Xin Long. For this reason, Wu Zongxian picked up the conversation and said that Xin Long is still not willing to come out of the house, not to mention the enthusiasm for his previous work, he is all lost in the knowledge of his own self today, his knowledge of himself is completely inadequate.

Liu Zhen’s death was a big blow to his fans and friends around him, especially his husband Xin Long, who could not walk away from the shadow of his beloved’s death. The last time Xinlong showed up haggardly was a few months ago, he was too much in love with Liu Zhen.

In addition, Xin Long’s god-sister Yan Liting has revealed earlier that she wants to hire a psychiatrist for her brother, and Yan Liting did not exaggerate when she described that Xin Long has become sick, affected by Liu Zhen’s death, he can’t really take care of himself, and already has the idea of self-abandonment.

Liu Zhen’s 5-year-old daughter is not doing well lately, and Wu revealed that he is very worried about Ni Ni’s learning problems!

In the past, Wu was reluctant to talk about Ni Ni’s situation in front of the media, after all, he knew that he had to protect the privacy of children in the entertainment industry. But recently he revealed that Liu Zhen’s 5-year-old daughter Ni Ni is not doing well, when the eldest brother of Xian worried about the child’s learning problems, worrying that she will be affected by her father Xin Long.

On May 3, Wu Zongxian did a show with Peng Chacha outdoors, he said that Peng Chacha’s resilience is better and worth learning from, Peng Chacha who owes hundreds of millions of dollars can face everything, I really hope that Xin Long can learn from him properly.

Wu Zongxian beyond words has revealed that he has a disappointing feeling for Xinlong, if not for the sake of Liu Zhen, look at only 5 years old Ni Ni poor, there is really no need to mention Xinlong again.