Bill Gates’ wife’s luxury island exposure: elegant environment absolutely private, does not allow Gates on the island

Bill Gates’ divorce from Melinda can be said to affect his entire business empire and, strictly speaking, his entire family and life.

According to the latest reports from the foreign media, Bill Gates’ wife Melinda has completely severed ties with him and has long since moved out of the mansion where she has lived with Bill Gates for 28 years.

Currently Melinda is living with her children on the luxury island she rented, daughter Jennifer Gates and brother Rory and sister Phoebe are united “front”, are on the side of mother Melinda. From the current situation, no surprise, this time Bill Gates will lose very thoroughly.

First of all, the foreign media further publicized the luxury island rented by Melinda, the entire island space can be said to be absolutely private, currently Melinda is using a private jet to allow only themselves and their families to be allowed to board the island, and even husband Bill Gates were refused outside the island, she did not allow her husband to board the island.

Do not think that the sparsely populated environment of this island is very primitive, from Melinda’s eldest daughter public island environment, the entire grass and environment with professional care, in addition to the island’s private yacht is also provided, there are running horses and a variety of private animal housing, the entire island life can be said to be a first-class level.

The foreign media described Melinda as restricting the island, allowing only her three children and important people to go on the island, and the children’s friends are allowed to go on the island, but only with the approval of their mother. The first thing Melinda did was to avoid some media opinion and interference after the official divorce announcement, and the second thing was to make a good cut with Bill Gates’ private life.

Since her husband is the richest man, and has his own social contacts and the whole circle of life, in order to their own and their children’s lives are not affected, so Melinda directly rented a private island, they are not subject to the restrictions of her husband Bill Gates, to do a real free man.

It is worth mentioning that on this day of Mother’s Day, the eldest daughter opened herself and her mother’s latest photo, which is also considered the children together to support their mother Melinda, together on her side.