Kobe’s nephew’s birthday, Vanessa brought the whole family to celebrate his birthday, the whole extended family’s feelings are harmonious

On May 12, Kobe’s wife Vanessa shared a photo of her whole family, although Kobe is not in it, but the whole extended family is very happy, and the relatives are also very harmonious.

Vanessa recorded video and posted: Happy birthday to my nephew, You’re not a kid anymore, I love you! I got you, forever.

Vanessa gave her nephew to celebrate his 20th birthday, imagine, if Kobe in the words must be accompanied by the nephew to celebrate it together.

Kobe’s nephew’s birthday, Vanessa’s family to celebrate his birthday, the whole family’s feelings are harmonious!

The camera in the middle of this child although only 20 years old, but under the protection of Vanessa he has grown into an adult, I believe this a nephew will protect the Kobe family together with a happy life.

Vanessa also released photos of herself with her family relatives on a trip, photos of Kobe’s eldest daughter put her hand on her mother Vanessa, and then stood with her mother.

The two youngest daughters are sitting in a stroller, in the middle of the whole picture. In addition Vanessa’s sister took care of the two children, the scene is very warm.

A family of four, Kobe’s youngest daughter “Pu Dou” now grown up, and look really super like Kobe when he was a child. In particular, the “Pudou” eyes and nose, really very Kobe’s charm.

The mother Vanessa squatted beside her two young daughters, and her sister was guarding the side, although Kobe and GIGI were absent, but Vanessa and the three daughters lived a very happy life.

Last Kobe retired five-year anniversary, Vanessa put out a series of Kobe holding his daughter in the stadium photos, Vanessa issued a series of group pictures led to a tearful collapse of fans, we all miss Kobe very much, really do not miss his departure.

But the good thing is that Vanessa is a strong woman, after her husband unexpectedly left this one family, Vanessa took care of the whole family very well.

For example, foreign media described Kobe’s two sisters will bring their families to Vanessa to compete for more than 14 billion worth of heritage, but Vanessa handled the whole thing very well, and with Kobe’s two sister’s feelings closer.

The last time Kobe’s wife also released photos of playing with Kobe’s two sisters together in the room, Kobe’s two sisters took care of her, and the whole extended family’s relationship is getting better and better.

The final cause of the accident about Kobe’s death is still not fully announced, but at Vanessa’s request, the driver of the helicopter company was asked to pay nearly $300 million, and then the lawsuit is still being processed.

The helicopter company was also sued by Vanessa, and not much news has come out about the final determination of the aviation accident.