Aesthetics is not to say that after going to college it is untaught

It is said that the Tsinghua school dance has a countryside funeral graveyard bouncing style, indeed a little. It is also like a youth version of square dance, nothing beautiful, and do not feel enjoyable, is in accordance with the choreography to go through, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and do the questions almost right.

Some people posted the cheerleading performance of Berkeley University, professional to amateur, that is certainly crushing ah, and this crushing is all-round: form, music, clothing, sense of rhythm – to be honest I have always felt that the American Empire in the aesthetic has been enough dirt.

Many people ask why they are still so low on Tsinghua?
This has little to do with Tsinghua in fact.

If, for example, a person –
has not received any aesthetic education since childhood.
Music class art class are mostly to make do with, can not on not on.
Physical education is useless, no sense of fitness, and no training in physical coordination.
Learning talents and the like is not because they like it, but mostly to follow the trend or extra points.
From the age of zero to 18, the vast majority of life is memorization and problem solving.
almost never danced in school, except for those specializing in arts exams.
wearing miserable sports suits every day of adolescence.
Girls are not even allowed to keep their hair long.
And –
Living in an aesthetic overall level of negative depression, music, movies, books, variety shows, TV series almost all Low, people also like to mock the aesthetic lifestyle – the literary youth broken drums, ten thousand pounding well! Until 2021 still think that the arts are useless – art and aesthetics are considered humanities, right?

So well, a person from childhood to adolescence are in the atmosphere of ugly blind forced through, ugly but do not know, how can enter the Tsinghua carp leap dragon gate, a moment without teacher, will be able to express emotions through dance it? It will be aesthetic it?

I don’t know how aesthetic your college days, anyway, I recall my own college days, just learned to dance every weekend to the cafeteria dance, that really look rustic, poor movement, and later see the photos taken by classmates, I really want to travel back to shake their shoulders and shout: you can not wake up a little!

As for why we do not dance, why no aesthetic, I think it can not be attributed to poor, African India, the poor dance rhythm can also be a first-class.
Nor can you put all the blame on that decade.
Xinjiang also experienced the same era, but the Kazakhs or Uighurs or Tajiks or Mongolians, aesthetic interests and dance have not lost, the preference for color modeling, sensitivity to rhythm, the instinct to dance when you hear music, as if it is something in the blood genes, passed down from generation to generation, not a decade or decades of transformation can be erased.
This kind of thing why we do not have, it is a long story, there is no definitive, here is not to discuss, anyway, our aesthetics can be considered from scratch, but also simply can not understand dance is a physical expression, ordinary people hand and foot coordination can step on the point is good, a hand is easy to get into the Tsinghua earthy video, the intention is to pursue the beauty, but lift the leg to step into the countryside dance pit.

In fact, it is not only dancing, I often see people say, are college students on the Internet to discuss the problem is still no rules? You don’t know how to respect women? The university students are still not aware of basic rights? You are a college student and still do not know how to use contraception?

These, just like dancing and aesthetics, are not something you can learn in college, but something you should start learning from a young age.
And what are we teaching in education?
Two words: obedience.

By the time you grow up and realize that something is wrong and start to make up for it, the most energetic time of your life has already passed. Just a bit of enlightenment, has reached middle age, equivalent to more than 20 years of detours ah, so many years, who to claim ah?

Of course, do not deny that there are geniuses, early to see through the truth, go their own way, the problem is that there are only a few ah? Even if the best of the Tsinghua University, high IQ, not the same in the best age to get stuck in the mud pit to play children?

Who’s twenty years is not twenty years ah! One move to ruin your life twenty years, this is what makes you lose at the starting line.