Xi Jinping “to die and live” sent a sad cry

Xi Jinping visited Guangxi, laid a wreath at the Red Army Xiangjiang Battle Memorial and left the “highest instructions”, that is, “the Red Army soldiers are like returning from death, live to die, and go forward, relying on ideals and beliefs”. He also said, “If the difficulties are great, think of the Red Army’s long march and the bloody battle of Xiangjiang River.

In the recent photo of Xi Jinping published by the Chinese official media, we can see that his hair is white and he looks solemn and serious, without the “leisurely stroll” that he took with Peng Liyuan during his visit to Fujian.

The seriousness of “living from death” proves that in the mind of the CCP, the future is not as wonderful as they boast, and the situation is dangerous. Will the Chinese follow Xi Jinping closely and go through fire with him, riding a blind horse at midnight and jumping into a deep pool together?

Xi Jinping’s sad cry of “live to die” proves that the CCP is in a critical situation today, a critical point of life and death. How the CCP got itself into such a dangerous situation in just a year or two is a question for Xi Jinping himself.

At the beginning of Xi Jinping’s rise to power, the CCP was at its peak, when the economy was booming and the world came to worship the CCP’s dock, relying on China’s supply chain and large market, and Western countries opened their doors to the CCP and cooperated with it on all fronts. The Chinese Communist Party also took advantage of this opportunity to expand, taking control of the discourse in world organizations, engaging in foreign propaganda, recruiting troops in Western intellectual and political circles, and directly influencing the political situation in various countries.

In the past decade, the Chinese Communist Party has been so successful that it has gained the “four self-confidence”, and with this self-confidence, it has become more reckless and unrestrained. The diplomatic war wolves are attacking all over the world, and large, medium and small countries have to hold their breath. Xi Jinping feels good about himself and thinks that he is the helmsman of global governance, and that he is an ancient emperor who will be famous in history.

The expansion of the Chinese Communist Party has attracted the vigilance and counter-attack of the United States. Once the United States turned its back, countries have counter-attacked and openly shouted, and the pressure began to focus on the Chinese Communist Party. At such a time, it is reasonable to reflect and review, adjust policies, make a strategic retreat and improve the external environment. Unfortunately, Xi Jinping is too “great” and feels too good about himself to defeat yesterday’s me with today’s me, so he resists and shows his fierce face, which objectively makes Biden’s attempt to establish a united anti-communist front with allies succeed sooner.

Xi Jinping’s ambition for global governance has given chicken blood to the CCP officialdom and pacified the Chinese people’s inferiority complex. Although the kick hit the iron plate, in order to avoid the abortive death of personal worship and the collapse of the wise image, they had to endure the pain and kick again and again until the pain was unbearable. The CCP blamed the poor external environment on “the U.S. empire’s death wish” and the “Thucydides trap” to provoke Chinese people’s nationalism and to protect itself.

The internal and external situation is sinking endlessly, there is no worst, only worse.

To die is to find death, no one likes to die, because the probability of death is death, life is just a blessing. When the Red Army avoided death, it was not necessarily the ideal belief, but many accidental factors contributed. To die and live is an accident, not a necessity.

The Chinese Communist Party is in a situation of “death” today, not imposed on it by others, but by its own choice. As the saying goes, if God wants a man to perish, he must first make him crazy. The CCP has gone against the trend of the times and done everything to harm God and reason, so if it finally embarks on the fate of destruction, it is also destined by God and cannot escape.

Xi Jinping’s sad cry of “live to die” proves that he no longer has much strength inside, his heart is weak and timid, but he has no way to retreat, a retreat is even more self-seeking death. The only choice now is to hang on, pulling together 1.4 billion people and the Chinese Communist Party together, and the world’s enemies, to see how long they can hang on.

This is why the political situation in Hong Kong will become more and more sinister, and the repressive methods of the Chinese Communist Party of Hong Kong will become more and more brutal. Recently, Li Huiling announced that she had sealed the microphone, the Falun Gong printing factory was destroyed, Liang Zhen was followed and harassed, and even Liu Tianzhi was also sealed. I had a meeting with Ms. Li in 1996, the 50th anniversary of the Cultural Revolution, and I was invited by Ching Cheong and Albert Ho to D100 to be interviewed by them about my experience of the Cultural Revolution. I have watched her program, she is a sharp thinker, sharp in words, a strong position for the democrats in the anti-Send-China movement, and the pressure she must have been under must have been very heavy, so there is no excuse for choosing to seal the mike.

She said she wished to return to her written work, and I hope she will consider leaving Hong Kong. The Lam Cheng government is ready to amend the immigration amendment legislation, the future government has the right to prohibit any person from leaving the territory at any time, one day in the future, it is likely to want to leave when there is no longer the freedom to leave.

Perseverance is a virtue, but it is most distressing and frustrating for us to see people who are cherished by the public being subjected to arbitrary abuse by a dictatorial regime, which in effect satisfies the perverted mentality of the Chinese Communist Party of Hong Kong to take revenge on the democrats. If you have the chance to leave, it is the best policy to leave, and you can continue to speak out after you leave.

Xi Jinping wants to live to the death, we want to live for the life, stay in the green hills, not afraid of no firewood.