UWI “false positive” cases continue to sufferers dissatisfied with the Hong Kong government to shirk responsibility to claim compensation

Hong Kong government-appointed testing contractor “UW Genetics” recently suspected of contaminated test samples, there are dozens of false positive cases of the Chinese Communist virus, involving many innocent Hong Kong people were sent to hospital or quarantine, suffering mental and financial losses. Some victims criticized the Hong Kong government departments to shirk their responsibilities, not only lost their freedom, but also forced to stop work, will claim compensation from the authorities.

A number of testing errors, with a Chinese background of the UWM, has been revealed again nearly 30 cases of false positive test results for the Chinese Communist virus (COVID-19), and the public was wrongly sent to hospital or quarantine and isolation.

When it comes to a 46-year-old female room attendant at the Tsuen Wan West Ruthin Hotel, a large number of employees and residents are involved to receive quarantine. The housekeeper has been discharged from the hospital, but there are still people forced to sit in quarantine.

Democratic Party District Councilor Yuen Hoi Man received a request for help from affected person Raymond, Raymond and his wife stayed at the Tsuen Wan Ruthin Hotel for Staycation on April 15, received a call from the Centre for Health Protection on the 20th, saying that the hotel has a confirmed case of female room attendant, the two became close contacts, the next day (21) was sent to the isolation hotel in Kwun Tong, until last Friday (23rd) The government found that the room attendant was a false positive; but he and his wife still have to be isolated until this Friday (30).

Raymond called the Department of Health several times to ask if he could leave the hotel, but no one replied. He then called different departments to inquire about the situation, but he kept getting “blame-shifting”, and some people claiming to be from the Department of Health even told him “not to believe what the media said”.

Raymond is dissatisfied with the Hong Kong government departments to shirk their responsibilities, this isolation has caused the couple to lose a lot of money. In addition to the loss of freedom, he and his wife are engaged in clerical work, in order to cope with the quarantine, the two have to take “major leave” or “unpaid leave”, has lost at least half a month of labor up to several thousand dollars. He said he would certainly pursue the incident with the authorities and demand compensation.

The press conference was held before the confirmation of the false-positive case of female housekeeping staff has been discharged from the hospital, was classified as a close contact of the public but still need to isolate very innocent. He criticized the government’s anti-epidemic policy logic confusion: “The government’s entire epidemic prevention policy, from inspection to vaccination to isolation, there are many loopholes and confusion, so that a lot of innocent people were hit, innocent people were hit and he ignored, for example, the UWI false positive has other mistakes, so that many innocent people involved.”

Yuan Haiwen also criticized the Hong Kong government recently announced the “restaurant 4 level system” is very complex, so that the public is at a loss, “some people told us, complex than those financial institutions structured products.

In addition, he questioned the confusing logic of the Hong Kong government, in order to force the use of “My Home Purchase” monitoring software, there is preferential treatment for people who use “My Home Purchase” but do not receive vaccinations, than those who receive two doses of vaccines but refuse to use “My Home Purchase “It is surprising that there are more types of restaurants available to people who use MTS but do not get vaccinated than those who get two doses of vaccine but refuse to use MTS.

The company was founded in 1999 by Wang Jian, a private company listed in Shenzhen, China. It also has the Huasheng Diagnostic Center in Hong Kong, and one of its directors is Hu Dingxu, a standing member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference who was formerly chairman of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority.

In July 2020, the Hong Kong government brought in two private organizations from mainland China to assist in the testing of the CCP virus (New Coronavirus) due to a lack of testing capacity, and UW Genetics was one of them. According to Hong Kong media reports, UW-Gene is currently undertaking the largest number of tests in Hong Kong.

This is the fourth time this year that UW Genetics has made mistakes in its testing work in Hong Kong. In mid-February, 16 samples tested initially positive by UW were negative when retested; in early March, 103 people who were tested by UW found the wrong sample bottle number; in early March, nearly 3,000 people did not receive notification of negative test results because of an error in entering information from UW.