Cincinnati bar owner calls for James to be expelled from the NBA is on fire, and business has never been better

The Breitbart News reported on April 28 that a Cincinnati bar owner is refusing to broadcast NBA games unless the NBA banishes James from professional basketball, and the bar owner said the positive reaction far outweighs the negative impact.

On Sunday, Jay Linneman, owner of Linnie’s Pub, decided to boycott the NBA game because James, a career basketball star, tweeted that the white police officer who shot the black girl was “next in line for accountability. However, the black girl was attempting to take the life of another girl.

Then, bar owner Linneman posted on Facebook, “If anyone wants to watch an NBA game, please don’t come to Linneman’s. We won’t show professional basketball games until James is banished from the NBA. Basketball stars just play the game, their opinions are no more important than anyone else’s, and it’s not right to use their position to push their opinions.”

Upon hearing of the bar owner’s decision, James downplayed it by tweeting, “Ah! Damn! I was just going to go there to watch tonight’s game and get another drink! “

James’ sarcastic response drove a surge in business at Linney’s Bar. The bar owner told the Cincinnati Enquirer, “The public support for my stance has been overwhelming and far outweighs the negatives.”

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, a few miles from Linney’s Bar in Delhi Township, a gas station price sign on Westbourne Road in Cincinnati’s West End had a sign added right below it that read, “Hi James, West End thanks you. Linney’s Bar has never been busier.”

While Linneman has received a great deal of support, it’s more important to him to support law enforcement. He said, “I want to direct the support of the people to support law enforcement, not necessarily to Linney’s Bar.”