May 26th “Super Blood Moon” is a sign that something big will happen?

May 26, the biggest blood moon this year, the full moon will occur on the day of the total lunar eclipse, the sky will be staged a combination of “super moon”, “blood moon” astronomical spectacle “super blood moon” The Super Blood Moon. According to historical records, a blood moon is often an ominous sign.

The blood moon is a rare astronomical spectacle that occurs when the moon is completely blocked by the Earth’s shadow during a total lunar eclipse, and the red light in the sun’s spectrum is most easily refracted through the Earth’s atmosphere and shines on the moon, making it appear dark red. This is also known as a “total lunar eclipse”.

A “supermoon” is when the moon reaches perigee at full moon, when it appears 14% larger and 30% brighter than usual.

Meteorological offices and astronomers in many countries said that May 26 will usher in the year’s largest blood moon, the sky will be staged total lunar eclipse meets the “super blood moon” rare spectacle. The total lunar eclipse coincides with the moon coming to perigee, and is the largest full moon of the year, the moon disk than the usual full moon will appear larger and brighter. The moon will be rusty red in color.

A huge, blood-red moon will hang high in the night sky, and its “blood light” will envelop the slightly trembling earth, will it make people feel a little bit of terror?

This total lunar eclipse can be seen in Oceania, North America, South America and East Asia, New Zealand can see the whole process of total lunar eclipse, while mainland China and Taiwan can see the moon with eclipse and out.

In many prophecies in the East and West, there is talk of a “blood moon”, which mostly foretells an ominous sign that something big is going to happen in the world. There was a red moon in Taiwan during the 921 earthquake and a pink moon in Japan during the 311 earthquake.