NASA Mars probe found suspected alien skeletons?

Mars, the enigmatic and mysterious planet, continues to be rumored to have amazing discoveries. Some time ago, a UFO enthusiast discovered a mysterious object suspected to be an alien “skeleton” on a photo of Mars released by NASA, which immediately led to speculation about the existence of aliens on Mars. The picture shows what appears to be a skeleton-shaped white object exposed on the Martian dust, which shows the suspected shape of the head, body and arms, and larger size. Some people call the unidentified object a “bone”, while others believe it is the fossil of some kind of creature on Mars.

Whether there are real aliens on Mars is a puzzle that scientists have been trying to solve, and this discovery has made countless Internet users who believe in the existence of aliens feel extremely excited. The picture is a magnified image of a suspected alien skeleton found on a rocky wall on Mars, which is not really visible without careful observation because the surface of Mars is almost everywhere with gravel and dust and most of the objects are of similar color.

The picture is enhanced, from the picture can clearly see the suspected alien skeleton object has a huge skull, and some suspected hands and feet of white bones, looks like lying flat on the rock wall look. NASA scientists have not yet officially responded, so everything is in doubt. Some netizens will previously circulated online giant human skeleton with the comparison, most netizens said the skeleton should be very large, the preliminary estimate should be as long as 6 meters to 7 meters or so.

(Enlarged image)

Not long ago, NASA Mars rover’s latest public photos of the surface of Mars, but found an even more jaw-dropping picture. This image of Mars appears to have an “alien woman” with long hair and breasts. According to the photo, the image looks like a woman wearing a cloak, and from the shadows on her chest, it can be inferred that she has a pair of breasts, and in the brighter part of her arms and long hair can be seen. According to the website that published the photo, if this is a statue, it should be severely weathered, but according to the integrity of the image, it is very likely to be a “creature”. In addition, the site said the “alien woman” appears to be staring at the Mars rover.

Although scientists around the world have found many clues to the existence of life beyond Earth in the past 10 years, it may take a long time to confirm the existence of life on Mars, NASA’s chief scientist Ellen Stofan has said that he believes there have been clear signs of extraterrestrial life beyond Earth in the past 10 years, and perhaps In another 20 years there will be more accurate evidence and discoveries. In addition, scientists have also been exploring the existence of extraterrestrial life beyond Earth, the late famous British physicist Stephen Hawking had launched a plan to spend $100 million to find the answer to this mystery.