Google domain is worth only 2.8 dollars Argentinean man actually bought successful

Google Argentina recently confirmed that a domain name had been acquired by an Argentine man, but the company soon regained control of the domain.

Google recently confirmed to the public that a domain name was said to have been acquired by an Argentine man, but Google soon regained control of the domain

Nicolas Kuroña, a 30-year-old web designer, received a message from a friend on WhatsApp, a messaging software, that “Google’s website had been pawned”, and the curious Kuroña went online to the official website of the Argentine NIC to see if it was true.

During the process, Cologna found that Google’s ownership of “” in Argentina had expired, and at that time the URL was open for registration on the NIC website, so he tentatively spent 270 Argentine pesos (about US$2.80) to buy the domain, and to his surprise, it was successful.

Afterwards, Cologna excitedly took a screenshot of the successful purchase and tweeted it to prove that he had completed the registration process and became the owner of “”. The “” later confirmed that the domain name was indeed acquired by someone else a few days ago, but the company soon acquired the ownership of the domain.

Cologna said that he bought the Google domain without malice and did not expect it to be successful, and stressed that the process was completely legal, but he also said that the domain ownership was retrieved by Google is not a big deal, but the 270 Argentine pesos ordered at the beginning has not been returned, it is not clear how Google will handle.