Tesla first exposure of Shanghai Auto Show Ms. Zhang “rights” details

On April 28, Tesla released the “Communication Progress and Event Explanation of Ms. Zhang’s Rights at the Shanghai Auto Show” (the “Event Explanation”) through its official microblog, disclosing that since February, when Ms. Zhang’s father drove the Tesla car and collided with other vehicles, Ms. Zhang and her family have been “interacting” with Tesla. Ms. Zhang and her family have been “interacting” with Tesla since the collision in February. These include Ms. Zhang’s claim to be three months pregnant, which was proven false. Ms. Zhang’s husband made it clear that he was assisted by a “team” from Beijing, and that he had been helped to do as he was told in his “cooperation” with others.

April 19, 2021 Shanghai International Auto Show, Tesla booth appeared owners “rights” incident. A woman wearing a T-shirt with the words “brake failure” stood on the roof of a Tesla show car and shouted, “Tesla brakes are not working.

After the incident, a Tesla executive responded to the media, saying, “She contributed to all the recent negativity”, “We have no way to compromise, it’s a process that new products have to go through”, “Our own research Our own research shows that 90% of our customers are willing to choose Tesla again”. This statement has sparked a lot of controversy.

Late on April 19, Tesla again responded to questions and concerns about Tesla’s product safety at the Shanghai Auto Show, saying that if it is a problem with Tesla’s products, Tesla must be resolutely responsible to the end, the compensation of the compensation, the penalty of the penalty, “no compromise on unreasonable claims, the same is our attitude”.

On April 28, Tesla’s “Event Note” firstly informed the communication with Ms. Zhang at the Shanghai Auto Show: At 2:29 pm on April 27, we have contacted Ms. Zhang and expressed our willingness and sincerity to further communicate. Ms. Zhang said, “I just came back. Need to adjust a little. I hope you can come up with an attitude to really solve the problem. When you have that attitude, we will communicate again.”

The Statement of Events indicated that there was no clear progress in communication between Tesla and Ms. Zhang. Tesla is also actively communicating with authorities at all levels.

The Statement of Events also published for the first time the history of Ms. Zhang’s “rights defense” incident, and many details were exposed for the first time.

On February 21, Ms. Zhang’s father, Mr. Zhang, drove his family of four people along State Road 341 when he collided with other vehicles. Subsequently, Tesla 400 customer service called Ms. Zhang, Ms. Zhang feedback in the communication process she was playing with the phone in the passenger seat, is the father driving, feel the speed of the car led to the collision. Later that day, the traffic police ruled that Mr. Zhang was fully responsible for the accident because he failed to maintain a safe distance from the car in front.

After viewing and analyzing the vehicle data, we found that the speed of Ms. Zhang’s vehicle before pressing the brake pedal was 118.5km/h. During the braking period, ABS worked normally, the forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking function started and functioned, and successfully reduced the speed to 48.5km/h before the accident, and no abnormalities were seen in the vehicle braking system.

Subsequently, we expressed our willingness to actively assist Ms. Zhang to complete the vehicle repair and insurance claims, which was rejected.

In the early morning of February 22, Ms. Zhang towed the vehicle to the parking space of Henan Sheng Yi Rui Auto Service Co.

On February 25, Ms. Zhang put a seal on the vehicle for the first time, prohibiting anyone from touching the vehicle.

On February 27, the telephone communication between Tesla staff and Ms. Zhang provided Ms. Zhang with the background data of the vehicle at the time of the accident, and Ms. Zhang also recorded and saved the content of the data mentioned in the telephone call. In the communication on that day, Ms. Zhang also repeatedly emphasized that it was prohibited for anyone to touch the vehicle.

On March 5, when Tesla staff communicated with Ms. Zhang, Ms. Zhang believed that Tesla could modify the data at any time, did not trust Tesla’s background data, and firmly refused to conduct any kind of testing on her vehicle. That night, after Ms. Zhang went to Henan Sheng Yi Rui Auto Service Co., Ltd. to complete the car pickup procedure, she forcibly placed the accident vehicle with the seal on the parking space outside the entrance of Tesla’s Zhengzhou Futa showroom, stating that she wanted to pressure Tesla through the media and public opinion.

On March 6, Ms. Zhang again stated that she refused any form of vehicle inspection and made demands for the return of the vehicle as well as compensation for moral damages, medical expenses and lost wages. In the Tesla store, she put a banner with “brake failure” on the car, and attracted attention by pulling banners and using loudspeakers to spread negative comments about Tesla, affecting the normal operation of the store. Tesla staff repeatedly offered to pay for third-party testing costs, but Ms. Zhang always refused.

Ms. Zhang repeatedly mentioned that she did not recognize the third-party testing agency, that the brakes were either not working or were faked, that there were too many black and whites, and that “If you don’t return the car, you will find the media to exert pressure. When the Tesla staff proposed that they could look for a professional testing agency to identify, her husband, Mr. Li, said that he would only accept the test results if the brakes failed, otherwise he would definitely not recognize the test results. Since then, Ms. Zhang has continued to invite multiple groups of media into the store for interviews and live broadcasts.

On the morning of March 9, the local authorities invited both Tesla and Ms. Zhang for mediation, and Ms. Zhang arrived nearly two hours late with the media ready to shoot. During the mediation process, Tesla again expressed its willingness to advance the cost of third-party testing for identification to facilitate the resolution of the problem, but Ms. Zhang still did not agree.

Finally, under the persuasion of the staff of the relevant departments, Ms. Zhang finally agreed to choose the third-party testing agency first, and then negotiate the subsequent testing matters, and signed the mediation letter. In the afternoon of the same day, Ms. Zhang suddenly reversed herself and clearly said to Tesla staff that she would not accept or endorse any third-party testing results and would not accept any mediation.

On March 11, Ms. Zhang made a statement through her personal microblog, disclosing the background data of the vehicle at the time of the accident that Tesla had previously provided over the phone.

On March 13, Ms. Zhang went to Tesla’s Zhengzhou Futa store again and used a loudspeaker to play negative comments about Tesla and spray painted the words “brake failure” on the body with red paint. The Tesla staff still actively communicated with Ms. Zhang to try to find a solution, and negotiated with her husband Mr. Li, hoping to minimize the impact and help him maximize his benefits within reason. Mr. Li made it clear that he was assisted by a “team” from Beijing, and that he could only listen to the help he received in his “cooperation” with others, and that the “team” said they could help him The “team” said that they could help them “clear their name” and meet their demands, and that they could find another time to meet with Tesla staff after the “team” returned to Beijing to discuss in detail.

On March 21, Ms. Zhang again put a seal on her accident vehicle and refused to let others touch it.

From April 8 to 12, during the Zhengzhou Grand River Auto Show, Ms. Zhang towed the accident vehicle to the entrance of the Zhengzhou Convention and Exhibition Center and hired two models to stand next to the accident vehicle, while creating a display board with negative statements about Tesla to attract the attention of passersby.

On April 17, Ms. Zhang towed the accident vehicle to Zhengzhou Huafeng Logistics Automobile Industrial Park and again broadcasted the loudspeaker and displayed the negative content of Tesla through the vehicle.

At around 12:00 on April 18, Ms. Zhang towed the accident vehicle back to the yard of Tesla’s Zhengzhou Futa store and parked it until now.

On April 19, Ms. Zhang carried out an aggressive “rights defense” at the Tesla booth at the Shanghai Auto Show. She claimed to be three months pregnant (later confirmed by the police that she was not pregnant).

On April 22, Tesla’s special working group staff contacted Ms. Zhang’s husband Mr. Li by phone and SMS several times, but no answer or reply. On the same day, Tesla’s customer support department sent the electronic stamped version of the vehicle data 30 minutes before the accident via company email to Ms. Zhang’s personal email address registered when she purchased the car, and sent the sealed paper stamped version of the vehicle data via courier to Ms. Zhang’s contact address registered when she purchased the car.

About the Shanghai auto show site “rights” event, some users provide information that Feng Moumou, Han Mou and other people are the main organizers of the auto show “rights” event. We reserve the right to defend our legitimate rights and interests in accordance with the law.

Since February, we have been doing our best to actively communicate with Ms. Zhang and her family, and we sincerely hope to promote vehicle testing as soon as possible and give a result to our friends who care about Tesla.