Who made Xi Jinping look bad? Xi’s old family faked poverty background is not ordinary

Xi Jinping’s earlier announcement of a “comprehensive victory” in poverty eradication has recently broken out in a scandal. The Chinese Communist Party’s CCTV has exposed a rare falsification of poverty reduction in Xi’s hometown of Shaanxi. Some analysts believe that CCTV’s high-profile exposure of this scandal is clearly a slap in the face to Xi, and someone is deliberately making Xi look bad.

According to an April 24 report by CCTV, according to the official regulations on poverty eradication, the government will centralize the resettlement of “five-guarantee households” (food, clothing, housing, medical care and burial) that are unable to work and have no source of livelihood. However, the reporter investigated and found that many places are completely engaged in false poverty alleviation.

In Luonan County, Shaanxi Province, Lingkou Town’s poverty alleviation target revealed to reporters that in order to cope with the officials’ poverty alleviation inspection, the poverty alleviation officials put the “five-guarantee households” in each village together, but the resettlement site did not even have access to water, and when the poverty alleviation inspection was finished, no one cared about the lives of the “five-guarantee households” anymore.

The villagers also said that since most of the laborers in the village have gone out to work, the “five-guarantee households” have to pay extra money to hire someone to pull water and then store the water in the dry cellar, which costs more than 50 yuan for a ton of water. Obviously, this kind of campaign-style poverty alleviation is undoubtedly the more help the poorer.

In this regard, the CCTV reporter found the county water conservancy bureau to ask the reason, not only did not get a response, and even their cell phones were taken away. Local officials even questioned the reporter: “Who sent you here? Who are you a relative of?”

The incident sparked public criticism and even made the Weibo hot search list for a time.

In this regard, commentator Xing Tianxing said frankly that the incident in Shaanxi Province is only the tip of the iceberg of poverty eradication falsification. For the Chinese people, we all know very well that anything related to the political operation of the Communist Party will basically be done through falsification for quick success, and “poverty eradication” is certainly no exception.

In 2015, Xi Jinping proposed a “poverty alleviation campaign” to achieve poverty eradication among the rural poor by 2020, to remove all poverty caps, and to solve the problem of overall regional poverty. The authorities even claimed to achieve a well-off society in 2020.

On November 23 last year, the Guizhou provincial government announced that the nine national-level poverty-stricken counties under its jurisdiction had been officially lifted out of poverty, followed by the Communist Party’s official media announcing that all 832 national-level poverty-stricken counties in the country had been “lifted out of poverty.

On February 25, 2021, the Communist Party held a national summing-up and commendation conference on poverty eradication, in which Xi Jinping declared that “the war on poverty eradication has been a comprehensive victory” and that “98.99 million rural poor people have all been lifted out of poverty under the current standards, 832 poor counties have all taken off their hats, and 128,000 poor villages have all All 832 poverty-stricken counties have been eliminated, and all 128,000 poverty-stricken villages have been listed.

Xi also declared that China’s overall regional poverty has been solved, completing the daunting task of eliminating absolute poverty and creating yet another “earthly miracle that will go down in history”!

Commentator Gu Feng analyzed that Xi Jinping has engaged in six key performance projects since he came to power nine years ago, but judging from the implementation of these projects, at least five of these six projects are “bad projects”, and the only one Xi Jinping can boast of is the “poverty eradication project”. “. And this time, CCTV high-profile kicked out Shaanxi poverty alleviation falsification, is obviously a slap in the face of Xi, let Xi disgrace.

Gu Feng said, according to the Chinese Communist Party’s “four consciousness” and “two maintenance” requirements, where Xi Jinping’s key performance projects, the media is never allowed to do negative reporting, and this incident is only two possibilities.

The only two possibilities are that the reporter acted personally or that there were anti-Xi forces at work, but judging from CCTV’s censorship procedures, if the reporter acted personally, it is unlikely that the content would have been approved, so the only possibility is that CCTV was influenced by anti-Xi forces and deliberately made Xi look bad.

The Apple Daily has cited an analysis by scholars that Xi’s emphasis on the victory over poverty under his leadership was intended to establish his historical status and to get the party to support his re-election at the 20th National Congress.

Mr. Yue, a former official in Henan, said that lifting poverty across the board and running for prosperity has been a lie of the Communist Party for decades.

He said, like inside the mountains of Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan, the people have little resources, it is difficult to eat, and say the northwest, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Qinghai, how many poor people ah? There are still many people living in kilns on the northwest plateau, and it is difficult to eat and drink water, so how can these people get out of poverty? The so-called poverty alleviation is only the official self-talk.