Shenzhen 18 senior officials were removed and replaced by various parties to explain the reasons behind

Recently, Shenzhen official reshuffle, there are 18 chief officials were removed, is rare. There are rumors that the Shenzhen official personnel changes and Shenzhen irregularities speculation incident, was interpreted as the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China to fight housing policy sings a contradiction; there are also analyses that the above statement is over-interpretation, the Shenzhen officialdom of the change and the Communist Party of China next year and the Communist Party of China related to the general election? Shenzhen’s top 18 people were removed from the political change of government related.

On April 24, the 50th meeting of the Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China Shenzhen Municipal People’s Congress passed a series of personnel appointments and removals. On the same day, 18 officials above the department level had their positions changed, including the mayor, vice mayor, director of the municipal supervision committee, president of the intermediate court and president of the municipal procuratorate.

The 18 officials involved, of whom 10 took office and 8 stepped down. It is worth noting that most of these people have not reached retirement age, and many of them are the main person in charge of holding real power.

Among them, the vice governor of Guangdong Province Qin Weizhong parachuted into Shenzhen as deputy mayor, acting mayor, former mayor Chen Rugui resigned before reaching the age of 59. There are rumors that Chen Rugui will be transferred to the vice director of the Guangdong Provincial People’s Congress, early retirement to the “second line”.

In addition, Zhang Zixing (55) resigned as director of the Shenzhen Municipal Supervisory Committee, Liu Liansheng took over; Wan Guoying (55) resigned as president of the Municipal Intermediate Court, Zhang Yingjie took over; Wang Yanlin (58) resigned as procurator general of the Shenzhen Municipal Procuratorate, Li Xiaodong took over.

On the same day Zhang Hua was appointed vice mayor of Shenzhen, Liu Liansheng as deputy director and acting director of the Municipal Supervisory Committee, Ren Zongli as deputy director of the Municipal Supervisory Committee, Zhang Yingjie as vice president and acting president of the Municipal Intermediate Court, Li Xiaodong as vice president and acting procurator general of the Municipal Procuratorate, Huang Man’e as deputy secretary general of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, Yu Xiquan as director of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information, Zhang Fei Meng as director of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, and Ma Hongyan as director of the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau.

For this round of official “bloodshed”, there are rumors that this is related to illegal speculation in Shenzhen, possibly related to the local government’s lack of regulation of the property market.

In recent years, the Shenzhen city housing prices remain high. In early April this year, a netizen on the microblogging public 102 about the founder of Shenzhen Housing Information Technology (Shenzhen) Co. The incident triggered a joint investigation by seven departments in Shenzhen, including housing and construction, public security, and banking and insurance supervision.

Zou Tao, a financial commentator in Shenzhen and founder of China’s “No Home Buyers Alliance”, told Radio Free Asia overseas that the major personnel changes may be related to Shenzhen’s failure to effectively implement the central government’s policies.

“The central government has made three orders to ‘not to speculate on housing’ and to prevent bank credit funds such as business loans from flowing into the real estate market, but perhaps it has been downplayed here in Shenzhen and not much investigation has been done into the matter.” Zou Tao said.

However, an April 28 opinion piece in Hong Kong’s Ming Pao newspaper argued that Shenzhen’s high property prices are frozen in three feet, not a day’s cold, and that the belief that the big change in Shenzhen’s leadership is due to ineffective suppression of property prices is just people’s rosy imagination. This is also a misinterpretation of the Chinese Communist Party’s practice of changing the political arena, as well as an over-interpretation of the “Shenzhen Housing Theory” incident.

The article said that the big shift in Shenzhen is related to the CPC’s five-yearly change of political office, which will be held next year, whether Xi Jinping retires or stays, it is the year of the change of office. From this year onwards, local party committees and governments at all levels will also have to change their blood, and the holding of the Party Congress and the two sessions in Shenzhen is also part of this change of term and blood.

On the occasion of the big change in Shenzhen’s officialdom, on April 27, Wang Weizhong, deputy secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, made a presentation at the 7th Party Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in Shenzhen, strongly touting Xi Jinping as “steering the ship and taking the pulse of Shenzhen” and “Xi Jinping’s kindness to Shenzhen is as heavy as a mountain ……” and so on. Wang Weizhong’s comments on Xi’s “loyalty” are believed to be a preparation for his promotion.

The above-mentioned commentary article believes that the CCP political circles are full of rumors that Wang Weizhong will be transferred to the provincial party committee secretary of a foreign province in this wave of change, among the top officials, if it comes to fruition, will be the largest promotion among all the Shenzhen secretaries.