India’s epidemic rampant Chinese Communist Party behaves unusually, scholars: waiting for an opportunity to retaliate

The number of people dying from the epidemic in India is surging, and crematoriums are unable to cope. Pictured is the scene of open burning of bodies in India on April 24.

The outbreak of the Chinese Communist virus (Wuhan pneumonia) in India is out of control, and India is currently the country with the worst outbreak in the world. While the Chinese Communist Party claims to be assisting India, its state-owned airline has suspended flights carrying medical supplies. Australian scholar Qin Jin told the Epoch Times that this is the Chinese Communist Party’s usual political retaliation; families of victims of the epidemic on the mainland say that the Chinese Communist Party has long lied and denied responsibility for the epidemic, as evidenced by its repression of ordinary people at home.

The epidemic in India continues to spread, with 2.25 million new cases in a single week last week alone, and 350,000 new cases in a single day last Sunday (25th), setting a new world record for a single day of diagnosis for the fourth consecutive day. The number of deaths from the virus in India has soared by nearly 90 percent, with one person dying every four minutes in the capital.

The Times of India revealed on April 26 that Sichuan Airlines Logistics, a subsidiary of state-owned Sichuan Airlines, issued a letter on Monday suspending cargo flights to and from six routes, including Xi’an-Delhi, for 15 days. The report also mentioned that the suspension of Sichuan Airlines’ cargo flights would suspend India’s procurement of oxygen machines and other medical supplies from China. Currently, Indian private companies are also sourcing medical supplies from China, and the suspension of cargo flights has prevented the Indian side from sourcing much-needed goods at this critical time.

Indian traders have also seen a 35 to 40 percent increase in the price of related supplies from China, as well as an increase in freight costs of about 20 percent.

In response, the Chinese Communist Party claimed that it was Sichuan Airlines’ self-determined policy to prevent epidemics, and said that countries such as the Netherlands and the United Kingdom had also restricted flights to India. In reality, however, countries are not restricting flights carrying medical supplies, but instead are actively assisting.

The United States said on April 26 that it would urgently provide India with the raw materials, medical equipment and protective gear needed to produce the vaccine. British medical supplies arrived in India on the 27th; France and Germany have also pledged to provide rapid support; and Taiwan has begun coordinating domestic resources to speed up the humanitarian relief process.

Scholars: Chinese Communist Party deliberately makes it difficult for India to take political revenge

Qin Jin, president of the Democratic China Front and a doctor of sociology at the University of Sydney, said in an interview with the Epoch Times on April 27 that the Chinese Communist Party is using its usual method of political repression to retaliate against India for the strained relations between India and China, and that the Indian government and Indian people should recognize the Chinese Communist Party more clearly through this incident.

Qin Jin said: “I think this is a deliberate attempt by the Chinese Communist Party to make things difficult for India, because the Chinese Communist Party is very good at doing things like this, the East is not bright, which pot is not open to mention which pot. Since relations with India are very tense and there have been conflicts at the border, this time it can look at the other side of the epidemic against India. Use this way to retaliate against India, there is no doubt about it.”

Citing Australia as an example, Qin Jin said that when Australia proposed an independent investigation into the CCP virus, the CCP retaliated against Australia, making it extremely difficult for Australian products to enter the mainland. He said, “The Chinese (CCP) official said this (suspension of flights to India) is not deliberate, I hope the Indian government can see this clearly, you want to go on with the CCP, the CCP will definitely think of all kinds of ways to retaliate. The Chinese Communist Party is using the usual tricks and techniques against India.”

However, Qin Jin also said that the CCP would not do itself any favors by doing so. If there is a backlash from India and a sideways glance from other countries, it won’t necessarily do the CCP any good,” he said. Australia, for example, has now scrapped the CCP’s Belt and Road agreement with Victoria, which is a big setback for the CCP’s foreign global expansion.”

What is the root cause of the India fiasco? The Chinese Communist Party is the real “fire starter”

In response to Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying’s April 26 statement about offering help to India, U.S. commentator and China expert Gordon G. Chang tweeted, “Thank you [China], you can help India – and you can help the the world – as long as you name the source of Covid-19. #coronavirus #WuhanLab”

Qin Jin also told the Epoch Times that the root cause of all this is the Wuhan New Coronavirus (Chinese Communist virus), which has brought about changes throughout the world, and now India is suffering so much, and the source is still the Wuhan outbreak.

He said: “Australia’s former immigration minister once said that there are political parties it set fire while putting out the fire, the fire it set, and it is doing firefighters, as if very hard, in fact, you do not set fire in the beginning, there is no need to put out the fire. Now the Chinese government is putting on a very innocent face and helping to save the world, but in fact it is playing the role of a firefighter putting out the fire for everyone to see, and making the people in the world who are suffering from the fire thank it.”

Victims’ families: the Chinese Communist Party “helps” other countries and suppresses its own people

In response to the Chinese Communist Party’s actions, Zhang Hai, a family member of a victim of Wuhan pneumonia (a Chinese Communist virus), told the Epoch Times on the 27th that the Chinese Communist Party helps other countries, but does not respond to the victims and their families at home, and suppresses them by various means.

He said, “I always think that our country (CCP) helps this and that country, but it has ignored the families of the victims of our new crown so far. You do not even treat your own nationals well, and the people are not treated as human beings at all.”

Zhang Hai is a native of Wuhan and currently lives in Shenzhen, where his father died on Feb. 1, 2020, from a Chinese Communist virus. Zhang Hai had sued the Wuhan government with other victims’ families, but was officially dismissed and interrogated; they were threatened, blocked from micro-signals and silenced by the CCP after giving an interview to the Associated Press.

Zhang Hai revealed that victims of the CCP virus have not received any compensation or apology, and have been suppressed and monitored whenever they speak out. He said, “They (CCP) are doing everything, there is no limit to the use of underhanded tactics, they follow you, I was in Wuhan some time ago, they follow you and harass you with cars and people, and at the same time they warn others not to communicate with me, trying to divide our victim families.”

He said the origin of the Communist virus is Wuhan, and the Communist Party has denied its crimes in every way. He said, “The virus itself broke out in Wuhan, and you (CCP) caused so many victims in Wuhan, and also caused (the epidemic) to spread globally, and you (CCP) have not made a single apology. You say you are a country under the rule of law, we want to sue, you (CCP) said no case, and nothing (written response) has been given, only verbal. So we ordinary people are not (being) treated as people at all in the eyes of the government.” “You (the CCP) deliberately committed a crime, and the Communist Party has denied the crime, so far, in a hundred ways.”

Zhang Hai said that the Chinese Communist Party officials have consistently told lies, and the society under the Communist Party has been distorted as a result, with those who tell the truth being suppressed. He said, “Chinese Communist Party Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying has been telling lies for a long time, what with 1.4 billion Chinese people being able to express their views and comments online and her being able to tell lies and nonsense, and me not being able to or banned for telling the truth.”

He said angrily, “Our society now is particularly perverted and distorted, everything is to say falsehoods, the survival space of those who speak the truth will become smaller and smaller, it will isolate you and discredit you, so I feel particularly sad to be a Chinese.”