Shenzhen’s top brass was a major change of blood, the secretary of the municipal party committee praised Xi “gracious as a mountain”

On the morning of April 27, the 7th Party Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in Shenzhen officially opened. Wang Weizhong, Deputy Secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, made a report on behalf of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee. Wang frequently touted the “enormous support” and “mountainous care and love” given to Shenzhen by Xi Jinping, the general secretary of the Communist Party of China, and asked local officials to be “grateful. Just before the meeting, a large number of Wang Weizhong’s subordinates were replaced.

The 59-year-old Wang Weizhong, a former vice minister of science and technology and a member of the Standing Committee of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee and secretary of the Taiyuan Municipal Party Committee, has been in charge of Shenzhen for four years, according to comprehensive media reports, and devoted a paragraph in his report to praising Xi Jinping. He said that since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has visited Shenzhen three times, attended the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and delivered an important speech, giving a series of “important instructions and instructions” on Shenzhen’s work, “steering the helm and steering the course for Shenzhen “.

Wang Weizhong series of words of praise, including “deeply appreciate the great support of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the Party Central Committee to Shenzhen,” “General Secretary Xi Jinping and the Party Central Committee like a mountain of care and love,” and so on.

In the tide of official loyalty after the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in 2017, Wang Weizhong issued a high-profile and frightening “praise Xi” slogan in May 2018, saying that “Xi Jinping’s speech should be ‘engraved into the bones, integrated into the blood, and put into action ‘”. This has made the outside world deeply worried about the style of the Cultural Revolution in the official circles of the Communist Party.

It is worth noting that before this party congress in Shenzhen, the Shenzhen officialdom has just undergone a major bloodletting.

The Standing Committee of the Shenzhen People’s Congress announced on Saturday major personnel changes in the city’s leadership team, involving eighteen officials above the department level. Among them, the vice governor of Guangdong Province Qin Weizhong replaced Shenzhen Mayor Chen Rugui as the acting mayor of Shenzhen, Zhang Hua as the vice mayor of Shenzhen, while the director of the Municipal Supervisory Commission, the president of the Municipal Intermediate Court, the president of the Municipal Procuratorate, the director of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, the director of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce and other senior officials also resigned or were removed from their posts, and were replaced by substitutes.

Some public opinion believes that the wide scope of this bloodletting is not in line with the usual practice of the administrative system, which may be related to the local government’s ineffective regulation of the property market.

Earlier this month, a netizen reported on microblogging that Shenzhen real estate blogger “Shen Fangli” (real name Li Xuefeng) has illegal and irregular speculation, and showed hundreds of “Shen Fangli” members to speculate on materials related to housing. It is reported that most of these materials are screenshots of the advertisements of the “deep house” WeChat group chat “recruiting shareholders on behalf of holders”, that is, people who have funds but are not qualified to buy houses, register their properties in the name of others when buying houses, and many participants jointly contribute to the funds to “The company’s main goal is to provide a shareholding in the property.

Xinhua News Agency recently reported that, in response to reports reflecting the “deep house reason” abetting speculators to cheat the purchase of housing qualifications, fraudulent credit funds irregularities in the purchase of housing, suspected of illegal fund-raising and other acts, Shenzhen housing construction, public security, banking and insurance supervision and other seven departments are conducting joint investigations. “The blogger Li Xuefeng said that “false content and related reports” had been circulating on the Internet recently, and his lawyer had applied for a case.

Data from China’s property information service platform Anjuke shows that the average price of new houses in Shenzhen this month is about 44,000 yuan per square meter, with the average price of new houses in Nanshan District exceeding 140,000 yuan per square meter. And data from the National Bureau of Statistics shows that the per capita disposable income of Shenzhen residents last year was less than 65,000 yuan.