It’s really too hard to get a passport in 2021

It’s very hard to get a passport in 2021 because of this damn new crown epidemic! Let us urgently need to work abroad is very sad

As of April 2021, passport application everywhere, including the entry and exit of Gansu Province, is no longer as simple as just an ID card, but a mandatory requirement for employers to provide a lot of supporting documents, raising the threshold of application!

It used to be that you only need an ID card to apply for a passport immediately.

And now? Please read on!

Gansu Province immigration requires employers to provide 9 supporting documents!

I returned from India in January 2020 to now, unemployed at home has been more than 1 year, now the end of April 2021, really urgent to work abroad, talked about several overseas projects, but in the end because my passport expired need to apply for a new passport, people are not willing to submit so many supporting documents, and lead to work failure, hey!

Some agencies said they could do it for me, but they asked me to pay them 1500 RMB first, so I was worried that it was a scam and I never paid them any attention.

I really hope that the normal processing of passports will resume soon!

(like the usual just ID card can be)

2021 is the most difficult year for employment, the domestic employment environment is very poor! 9.09 million fresh graduates alone! 600,000 returnees! And a large number of unemployed and urgent to find a job of former students! Domestic employment is too horrible!