Demonstration of red infiltration! Pompeo: Chinese Communist spies are in the United States

Former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently reminded Republican lawmakers at a closed-door meeting of the Republican Study Committee that the Chinese Communist Party is not only an external threat, but that Chinese spies are actually already in the United States.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo appears before the House Republican Study Committee (RSC) on Capitol Hill on March 21. “The Washington Examiner” (The Washington Examiner) 25 reported that Pompeo, in a closed-door lunch meeting with the RSC, reminded Republican lawmakers that the Chinese Communist Party’s attempt to overtake the United States has been “the central challenge of our time “The Chinese Communist spies, in particular, are in fact inside the United States.

Then Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (2020.7.23): “We announced the closure of the Chinese Communist Consulate in Houston because it was a center of intelligence spying and theft of intellectual property.”

“The Washington Examiner noted that in a closed-door meeting, Pompeo recalled the Trump administration’s decision to close the CCP consulate in Houston because it was a center of CCP espionage; “It’s not just an external threat,” Pompeo said of CCP spies. “, “They’re here.”(They’re here.) “The Chinese Communist Party conducts a large number of, conducts influential operations in the United States,” “The Chinese (CCP) are trying to influence them (the U.S.) all, deeply and broadly, and it’s continuing.”

Then-U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo (2021.1.4): “The Chinese Communist Party, it has entered our (U.S.) doors, our government, our institutions of higher education, our research institutions. The Chinese Communist Party, they’re all around us, they (CCP) are working in our schools, they (CCP) are working in our associations and institutions, in the guise of so-called civil society, when in fact, it’s an integral part of the information gathering efforts of the CCP. It’s a different form of threat.”

Pompeo described the Chinese Communist Party’s attempts to supplant the United States globally economically and militarily as “the central challenge of our time” at the conference. Pompeo urged Republican House members in attendance to work with local elected officials in the United States, including local legislators, committees and school boards, to identify programs and investments funded by Beijing that appear benign but are in fact Chinese Communist spies.