Interception of 170,000 illegal immigrants in a single month Arizona declared a state of emergency

The United States this year, the number of illegal border crossings increased significantly, Arizona (Arizona) Governor Doug Ducey (Doug Ducey) announced on the 21st, the state’s southwest border with Mexico will enter a state of emergency, and 250 national guards to strengthen law enforcement, to prevent the number of illegal border crossings continue to increase, which also makes the state become the first in the United States because of “border This also makes the state the first state in the nation to enter a state of emergency due to “border issues.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (Customs and Border Protection) data show that the Border Patrol intercepted 172,331 illegal immigrants in March, of which 48,587 were unaccompanied children, compared to 71,000 in December last year, more than two times higher. Ducey blamed the Biden administration for the problem, noting that its immigration policy is “completely divorced from reality” and that it is simply burying its head in the sand and trying to ignore the problem.

Ducey’s statement said, “The U.S. Border Patrol cannot handle the massive workload, local authorities are seeking help, and citizens and border communities are in a state of security concern.” He lambasted the Biden administration, “The numbers don’t lie, this is the result of Washington’s failed policies, but we still haven’t received a response and support.”

Ducey stressed that Arizona troops will go to the border to help with medical operations at detention centers, install and maintain border surveillance systems, and analyze satellite imagery and data. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) deployed about 500 national police officers to the border in March, but did not go directly to a state of emergency.

Former President Trump sent thousands of federal troops and National Guardsmen to strengthen border security in 2018, and later made the border area a national emergency. The Biden administration has now ended the emergency order, but continues to station troops at the U.S.-Mexico border, where they are expected to stay until the end of the year.