10% of whites killed in homicides are killed by police Only 3% of blacks killed in homicides involve police

The Webmaster Expert reported Thursday, April 22, that on Wednesday evening Ms. Heather MacDonald, author of The Diversity Delusion, stopped by Newsmax TV to discuss the current racial lies in America with host Rob Schmitt.

MacDonald was outspoken in her criticism of the “political mob” and their lies about policing in America today, and analyzed the facts about police shootings in America today. That’s a fact you don’t hear on the mainstream fake news channels.

McDonald said, “America has a crime problem, but not a police problem. We’ve been talking obsessively about police racism for the last 30 years because America doesn’t want to face the problem of dysfunctional black communities in cities. A much higher percentage of white and Hispanic murderers are killed by police than black murderers. Ten percent of all whites and Hispanics who die in homicides are killed by police, while only three percent of black homicide victims are killed by police. The reason why it always explodes that blacks are killed by police is because the number of black homicide victims is very, very high each year, and the rate of black deaths from homicide is 13 times higher than that of whites. Eighteen unarmed blacks were killed by police last year, only 0.2 percent of the total number of blacks who died in homicides.

The Webmaster Pundit says no one lays out the facts as well as McDonald, and her words have the liars on the left panicking.