Genki Forest did not apologize and did not give up the “0 sugar” marketing

I’ve read it several times and I’m still dumbfounded.

  1. No apology. Some media reports said that Genki Forest was “apologizing”, but I think the media misunderstood. From the title, this is an upgrade announcement. My understanding of what Yuanqi Forest means is: about 0 sugar, we have no fault, just in the expression is not clear enough, now since your brain is not easy to misunderstand, I will be aggrieved, the statement changed. Sorry” three words, seems to be polite and polite.

2, qualitative “misunderstanding”. In the strategy development, the most difficult thing is to qualify. All the later words and implementation are around this “qualitative” to do. The core word captured by Genki Forest is “misunderstanding”. If B says something that makes A “easily misunderstood,” the misunderstood A is still primarily responsible for the misunderstanding. Responsibility, but the proportion of responsibility to reduce some.

3, avoid responsibility. For consumer A, B of Genki Forest uses the phrase “easily misunderstood” to divide most of the responsibility, thus avoiding “active inducement”, “deliberate confusion The more serious condemnations such as “active baiting” and “deliberate confusion”. There is an essential difference between a brand actively trying to deliberately blur the concept of 0 sugar, and inadvertently using an inappropriate expression that leads to misunderstanding.

4, only change the milk tea. In addition, this announcement of Yuanqi Forest is for “milk tea”, and only the packaging of milk tea has been changed to “Low sugar”. Yuanqi Forest found a footing, that is, “milk tea has milk so there is sugar.

I can only guess so, drink sparkling water than drink milk tea cognitive level is higher, drink milk tea “easy to misunderstand”, drink sparkling water “not easy to misunderstand”.

5, no sugar standard. As a graduate of the Department of Chemical Engineering PR, I can not help but want to first make a few concepts clear. The so-called no sugar or 0 sugar, there are 2 hard standards. One is the measurement and one is the type.

  1. Measurement. The national standard “General Rules for Labeling Prepackaged Foods for Special Dietary Uses” stipulates that the requirement for sugar-free food is that the amount of sugar per 100 grams or 100 milliliters of solid or liquid food is not higher than 0.5 grams. That is to say, there is very little sugar, in our country is also allowed to be called sugar-free. By the way, the standard for low sugar is no more than 5 grams of sugar. “Low-sugar” sugar, already quite a lot.

7, the type of aspects. International common concept is that sugar-free food can not add sucrose and sugar from starch hydrolysate, including glucose, maltose, fructose, starch syrup, glucose syrup, fructose syrup, lactose, etc.. In other words, the denial of monosaccharides and disaccharides, the traditional sense of sugar, but can be replaced with sugar alcohols or oligosaccharides and other sweeteners that do not raise blood sugar.

  1. Release the crisis. Yuanqi Forest’s statement was issued on its own initiative, unlike other brands whose statements are basically issued only after something has happened. I seriously doubt that the milk tea product itself is a problem, and the brand itself knows, and the milk tea product “0 sucrose” rubbing ball to play can not go on.

You can do the math, the lactose content of milk is generally 4.6% to 4.8%, which means that the milk should be diluted 10 times, plus the initiative to add crystalline fructose, it looks like it will not meet the sugar-free standard. Rather than waiting for not knowing when and in what way public opinion will erupt, it is better to take the initiative, control the time, develop the caliber, so that the impact of the crisis as little as possible.

  1. Test the risk. Although the “sugar-free” concept allows Yuanqi Forest in the beverage industry all the way, but is also hanging over the head of Yuanqi Forest the sword of Damocles.

Yuanqi Forest changed its milk tea products to “low sugar”, not that it has finally figured out that it wants to give up the “0 sugar” strategy, but rather want to incidentally “because of the presence of lactose due to milk “, this seemingly careless, not serious problem to release a little bit of the brand has been anxious about the “sugar-free “problem, test the public opinion and the state of the public.

10、Shift the focus. What are the issues that Genki Forest least wants the public to focus on, “lactic tea products are not sugar-free in the first place,” “Are the other products of Yuanqi Forest really sugar-free”, “What is the standard of sugar-free in China “, “the relationship between sugar-free and health”, all of these are the core issues that affect the root of the Yuanqi Forest brand.

The $20 bonus package shifted the focus of the topic directly. According to the conventional script, the brand exposes itself to the product problem, and the next public discussion should be the product and the concept of the main product, but now the discussion is all about the “20 yuan bonus”. The next public discussion should clearly be the product and the concept of the product’s main focus, but now the discussion is all about “20 yuan bonus”.

11, insist on no sugar. I’m not sure if Yuanqi Forest is taking milk tea as a test, to see what impact their almost all in 0 sugar image, if broken, will have on sales and brand recognition. In the much larger sales category of sparkling water, Yuanqi Forest insists on continuing to use 0 sugar as a label and selling point. After all, the industry standard is there, anyway, is in line with whether “easy to cause misunderstanding”, it is up to you.

  1. Money marketing. The forest of yuanqi red envelope distribution, and the announcement in time closely connected, is clearly a set of strategies. The most successful part of this strategy is that the users who took the money were embarrassed to make more noise, and because this operation is extremely rare, many people forwarded the circle of friends, objectively becoming a large-scale marketing of milk tea. According to the amount of communication and marketing cost accounting, it should be very cost-effective.

13、Do not rely on public relations. PR level is also useful. If you don’t do a careful dismantling, you will think that Yuanqi Forest admits its mistake and pays money, and has a pretty good attitude. But this is incidental. In essence, Genki Forest has no idea of relying on PR to solve the problem.

Nine months ago, we had an article “In the eyes of PR, Genki Forest’s problems are quite serious”, in which I said that Genki Forest had a lot of hidden problems at the PR level, “pseudo-Japanese” and “0 sugar”, and these 2 points are exploding one after another. And, later will continue to explode. Milk tea is not clean, only to have to change, to solve the “0 sugar” hidden problems almost no positive role in promoting.

14, 0 sugar concept. Yuanqi Forest does not want to give up the concept of 0 sugar, because it is very important with the product “positioning” and brand recognition in the market. It has come this far, how can we say change. The possibility that PR can give Yuanqi Forest “big help” is getting weaker and weaker, so the only way is to continue marketing and spending money.

  1. Control public opinion. Yuanqi Forest just got a new round of investment, it is necessary to spend a larger part of the money on public opinion management. Because of the controversial sound, in order to dilute the negative and maintain the ratio of positive to negative, Yuanqi Forest has to be very willing to invest in positive content. There is no choice to “solve the problem”, can only solve the problem will be raised by the people.
  2. Values. The PR situation of Yuanqi Forest is essentially the same as that of Jindo. Productive marketing is the price of forcing PR to a dead end. Pollution first, then governance, spending money can always wash white, is the thinking of many companies. I can’t say it’s not right, only that the cost and cost of whitewashing is also great.