Family savings of 20,000, I spend three or four thousand to follow the stars, is it wrong?

The so-called rice circle, is with the “old mother raising son” mentality in the pursuit of stars – can suffer themselves but not bitter baby

Yesterday a hot post, see the people mixed feelings.

The thing is this: a netizen in the posting bar for help, said he gave his mother before the three or four thousand dollars all play cast to the star, and now his mother came to him to borrow money to buy seeds, and he only had more than 200 dollars left, do not know what to do.

In the screenshot, the mother’s words are to see the heart of the heart ache: “child, now the spring wants to buy some seeds, to mom transfer 2000, and so on after this burst and then give you. “

Since the beginning of spring to buy seeds, that the family should be a rural farming, the conditions are not rich.

The child, most likely, is temporarily do not have the ability to earn money student party. Mom wanted him to help save some interest, but he got the money within a few days, it was all used to chase stars lost ……

On one side is the face to the earth back to the sky farmers parents, hard to save up more than 20,000 deposits, in order to interest can not afford to take out.

The other side is the children who have not suffered, the parents’ hard-earned money to take the idol to play the list, shouting “I want to send cubs debut! “

How ironic.

I am his ATM machine

“Mom can not eat, but the baby can not be without a dream. “

This is an extreme status quo of the contemporary student party star-crossing: in order to become someone else’s “mom”, the eyes are not only no longer their own mother, even their own.

Pocket money, money, breakfast money …… in order to like the star hit list brush sales, they have people prefer to starve to save money for meals, some people and parents lie about the need to buy teaching aids and to get money, and some students have even happened to steal money from classmates to buy love beans album scandal.

A mother in Foshan has accused her daughter of forcing herself to give money to chase stars in front of the camera.

“If you don’t give me this money, I will hate you for the rest of my life. “

Do not think this is just a harsh words, into the frenzy of the minors can do anything out. In order to follow the star, borrowing loan sharks, threatening parents, swallowing drugs to commit suicide, such things are still less?

The former 16-year-old boy borrowed more than 900,000 yuan in order to call for love beans, the father did not know that his son had caused such trouble until he was prosecuted. And he himself is just a driver, usually can’t even use paypal.

After there is a 15-year-old girl swallowed more than 100 pills, only because she borrowed 5,000 yuan from her father to buy the products endorsed by the star, but the father repeatedly refused ……

Recently it was revealed that the 14-year-old girl was crazy about a domestic traffic boy, and in order to get a signed photo, she stole her mother’s phone and transferred her WeChat balance, Taobao and Alipay in three times a total of 60,000 yuan to the national fan support QQ group of scammers claiming to be the star’s assistant.

All true, hidden behind the headlines, is a debt-ridden, broken families.

The reality is that there are many underage people who steal hundreds of dollars from their parents to support the stars.

A certain flow of backing posters came out with a statement that they had received too many private letters from parents asking for refunds. The support group had previously faced unmanageable losses because it had dealt with a large amount of mandatory refunds.

The message was clear: there will be no more refunds, so please parents, control your own children!

But who can completely control the children? Can you control the person, can you control the heart?

The student party, which has no pressure in life but only academics, once indulged in the pursuit of stars, is like a demon, which can not be prevented.

The girl who participated in the “Metamorphosis”, Chen Siyuan, once said astonishingly.

“Study affects me to follow the stars. “

Parents are heartbroken, but can do nothing, forced to come only in the circle of friends appeal: alert children to follow the stars! Check their bank cards and wallets from time to time!

Parents how can not understand, they also like to listen to the songs of Jacky Cheung, watch Andy Lau in the drama, like a star is not incomprehensible, but also never thought to pour money into chasing stars ah.

What is it that makes this group of children so crazy?

Rice circle PUA, set tight underage

The so-called rice circle, is with “old mother raising son” mentality in the pursuit of stars – can suffer themselves But can not suffer the baby.

This kind of fan self-positioning itself is ridiculous enough, the rice circle set of capital can be even more outrageous, a few words can be “moral kidnapping” on the fans: white whoring shameful, only spend money Only then do you deserve to keep the powder membership.

“Without brother this family is nothing! Don’t say anything about the student party’s heart is good, just buy one or two albums you deserve to be a fan? “

“Is not a cup of milk tea money? Stick to a month without milk tea you will die? You will not, then take out a few hundred dollars to the treasure to play cast okay? “

“He suffered malice only we fans to repay, once spend money without people please roll. Love how big the numbers are, is so straightforward. “

The more crazy the kryptonite is, the more powerful the screaming ground, yes, chasing stars also inside the volume, chasing stars also have kpi: an album of 3 yuan, only buy one you that is called to send the caller is not called love, hands to buy 105 to call the passing line, after all, that is just a lipstick money.

In this rice circle PUA words of brainwashing, underage people like the enemy, have felt that if they do not play money, her favorite love beans will be destroyed career, people are mocked, the rest of their lives face no smile.

In such a life and death situation, what is it worth to spend some money for your brother? I’d like to pour out my family’s money and become my brother’s ATM machine.

More outrageous is to buy albums to buy endorsements to buy photos to buy concert tickets, these are just basic operations. Nowadays, it is popular to raise money for your idol to do support.

What do you mean by “support”?

It is to treat the star as a child of the same spoiled, from food and clothing to a variety of household items are ready. The star filming, to send drinks to the crew, prepare support food truck; star birthday, to send gifts, buy hot search; even the star recording program, have to worry about how to play the idol’s good network base, all directors, hosts and staff have to send gifts, arranged for everything, than their own parents attentive hundred times.

This kind of gift support, gradually become different fans between the climbing, in turn, with backwards forced each fan to pay for the pot and iron, hate to suck the fan’s every bit of marrow.

The people who have been working aside, for the sake of the idol’s face not to lose to others, the student party also tighten their belts. Some people only eat steamed buns and squash all day long and use up all their ant credit, but they are still being forced to raise money by people in the pink circle.

The star-crossing has turned into a game of “Money Rush”, and the face of the bean has to be supported by the fans’ money.

It’s crazy.

On March 14, the fans of the two students of “Creation Camp 2020” and “Youth with You 3” raised money through PK. Within a limited time of 5 hours, the fans of the two people alone raised nearly 5.5 million RMB.

Who did the money end up in the hands of? No one knows.

The fan culture has turned into a pyramid scheme type “kryptonite competition”, and the rice circle has become a purposeful, organized chain that uses fans as an ATM for profit harvesting.

But I’m afraid that many students have never thought about who is benefiting from this chain. They foolishly think that as long as they pay, their brother will be able to “go flower road”. However, the reality is: a variety of fans run away with the money, the capital raising platform to draw a lot of money, the support will enrich themselves ……

You spend your parents’ hard-earned money when chasing a star, doomed to drown.

Borrowing to chase stars, overspending, rice circle PUA, harvesting wave after wave of young people. I wonder if they have ever thought about how their parents worked hard to earn the money when they spend it? What kind of life are they living?

Your love bean again paste, each month earn a fraction than your parents combined to earn more. Your brother’s future, even if the development is not good, that also has a future than you.

What really destroys a parent is not just knowing that their hard-earned money has gone down the drain, but watching their children in the madness of the star-catcher is difficult to extricate themselves, indulge in it, forgetting the reality of the road.

Most parents in China are so busy making ends meet that all they can do is meet their children’s material needs of “reaching out for money”. They can’t always pay attention to their children’s spiritual world, and they don’t understand what kind of world their children have entered through their cell phones.

Blaming parents for not being able to control their children is really a kind of harsh blame.

But if you want to blame the child, and very powerless.

If you like an idol, please be sure to become a better version of yourself for him. But the big theory requires experience to understand and absorb, for the immature mind of the children, idols are the spiritual pillar, the pink circle is a place to seek recognition, they are very easy to be abetted for its kryptonite.

Those minors who are extremely obsessed with following stars, their three sources of view are not only their parents and classmates around them, but also their brothers and sisters in the same rice circle.

They grow up in the network, with other fans praising idols, scolding the right family, learning what is close and distant, what is right and wrong in the huddle and melee of the Internet.

What my brother said and did is all right, even if there is negative news, I will never leave. The bad guys in this world are called “hacks”, while those who praise their brother are the good guys.

And in the face of all the opposition, they learn is: control comments, reporting and private letters abusive.

Instead of scolding these kids for being brainless, we should scold the era for being brainless: whether you open your phone or TV, everywhere is overwhelmed by the flow of stars, the pervasive culture of the powder circle.

There have been a number of incidents where teachers’ fans have been allowed to bring in their own personal goods and have their entire classes support the flow of stars, reaching out to the next generation like a cult.

Everyone is forced to be caught in the flood of “star-crossed”, a society if you do not know the current fire of a hit drama, do not know a popular idol boy, will be people The point of ridicule old-fashioned. Not to mention that the online hotspots are full of information gossip about celebrities, and when posting comments, one can accidentally be attacked by someone’s fans in a siege ……

“If you don’t spend money, you don’t deserve to be a fan”, this kind of instigation has ruined the original benign development of The “fan economy” has also made you and I the leeks to be cut off, and is poisoning our next generation.

Star-chasing itself shouldn’t be a problem. But please don’t let the crazy, blind irrational star-crossing ruin your original good life.