I love the way you are now, and the spirit of the original

There is an American romantic comedy called “Miss Congeniality” (“Agent Gailey”), in the film, the unkempt Gray is a female police officer of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. She eats out loud, does not shave or wash her hair, almost 30 years old, still no boyfriend. Her partner, Eric, is a high-flyer, surrounded by many beautiful women.

One day, the FBI receives word that terrorists will detonate a bomb at the Miss America Pageant celebration. In order to stop this disaster and avoid causing panic at the celebration site, the Bureau decided to send a female agent as an undercover agent to participate in this Miss America pageant. After considering all aspects, this special task is given to Gracie to complete.

Gracie is therefore very difficult. In order to help her complete the task, the Bureau of Investigation specially hired an image designer for her. After some dressing, Gracie’s new image stunned all the people around her. Even her partner Eric can not believe that the sexy and attractive lady around her is her.

The ending is expected, Gracie and Eric cooperate to stop the crisis. The final scene is Gracie in her Miss America dress directing the explosion scene, laughing and making her characteristic, uncouth grunting sounds, when Eric comes up and says, “Good job.” The two looked at each other, and then Gracie said, “Haha, you think I’m pretty and you want to kiss me.” The ending is the two kissing and being happy together.

There are so many romance movies of this type. I call them “I love you for who you are” (I love you the way you are) movies. The plot of these movies is basically two lines: the heroine tries to change herself, tries to turn from an ugly duckling into a white swan, and after the change finds herself out of step with the environment, unable to do many things against her will. This time the male lead suddenly appears and shows her a clear path – I love you as you are.

Maybe there are too many of these movies, maybe it’s our narcissistic nature, so we really think there is someone who will “Love you for who you are”. We think that love is that moment, the most natural thing, and then it should last until the final kiss, the shot where the music plays – but that’s not how life is often filmed. How is it in fact? We believe that love is unconditional, that it should be “faithful”, and when it leaves, we say, “That’s not true fucking love.

So what is true love? According to the movie and the novel: he loves you for snoring, for having messy hair, for losing things, for not looking as good as other girls, for not having money, a house, a car and a particularly nagging mother.

But in reality Sam Soon is a hard-working pastry chef, Gracie is an excellent federal agent, Mia from The Princess Diaries has been working hard to learn manners and loves her people, and Andrea from The Devil Wears Prada has worked hard to become one of the Devil’s most admired employees. They both lost their love at the top of their careers, but reaped it in the end.

I will always remember a quote from Cameron Diaz to this effect: You need to be OK on your own before you go into a relationship. Why are these heroines at the beginning of the movie no one noticed, or dumped? Yes, I can make my boyfriend a cake every day, and I treat him better than anyone else, but my problems don’t go away because I’m in love, and being in love is not the way to fill the void.

I recently read an article about a boy who made a lot of decisions that were bad for him for the girl, who eventually broke up with him. At the end of the article, the author lamented, “Romanticism is more beautiful than realism, but in the end it is only an illusory soap bubble. Without a constant stream of suds, it will still burst, but it’s just a matter of time.”

I agree with this – changing yourself is the key, the rest is a slow, natural thing. It’s not utilitarianism, it’s human nature – who’s going to like someone who’s always going to be the same and not looking for change? Love movies never shape a boring and ordinary woman because of love and become successful and attractive, but often, are a boring and ordinary woman by changing themselves and reap the benefits of love. So, when the handsome hero says, “I love you the way you were,” he is not talking about her messy hair and habit of throwing things away, but her determination to change herself and her optimism – because all this energy is felt by him. felt and moved him to the point.

So the classic line would be – “I love you the way you are now, and the way you were in spirit.”