Prohibit the right to defend the Shanghai Social Security Bureau new rules, visitors to the pension health insurance card was stuck

Shanghai Wang Kouma was unjustly imprisoned twice for a total of four years, and was left with a permanent disability in prison. (Courtesy of the interviewee)

Recently, Wang Kouma, a petitioner in Shanghai, broke the news that his medical insurance card had been blocked, only to find out that the Shanghai Social Security Bureau had issued a new article stating that no one could receive pension benefits if they had been sentenced to prison. If you have enjoyed a pension while serving your sentence, you must return it, or your health insurance card will be blocked.

In mid-January this year, Wang Kouma received a notice from the Yi Parent Care Company that his medical insurance card (social security card) had been blocked.

The next day, Wang went to the social security center in Jiangsu Road, Changning District, but the information on the blocked card could not be found in the computer system. The staff told Wang to go to the Changning District Social Security Bureau to inquire about it.

Pension, medical insurance card blocked life in trouble

Wang Kouma asked his wife to go to the Changning District Social Security Bureau to inquire about the reason for the blocking. After the inquiry, he learned that the Shanghai Social Security Bureau had issued a new article, the incarcerated persons serving their sentences are not allowed to enjoy pension benefits, such as pensions enjoyed during the sentence must be returned. When to return, when to open the health insurance card and pension.

In 2013, Wang Kouma was charged with so-called “provocation and disorderly conduct” and sentenced to 2.5 years in prison. The Shanghai authorities’ charges against Wang Youma: On January 5, 2012, Wang set up a shrine, burned paper money, and shouted slogans at his home on the pretext of paying respect to his mother. Visitors support Wang Kouma’s efforts to seek justice for her mother’s injustice.

Some visitors disclosed that Wang Kouma’s mother’s house was forcibly demolished without signing any agreement due to moving demolition. Afterwards, she was illegally detained in a black prison by the North Station Street and suffered inhumane persecution and death. After the cremation of the body, the North Station street thought that the purpose of destroying the body had been achieved, so they tore up the agreement and did not pay any money. The authorities also imposed the charge that Teng Jindi was persecuted to death on Wang Youma, who was sentenced to two terms of imprisonment and was persecuted to permanent disability in prison.

Friends of the visitors acted in support of Wang’s efforts to seek justice for her mother. (Courtesy of the interviewee)

Shanghai Social Security Bureau’s new rules have no basis in law

After her pension and medical insurance card were blocked, Wang Kouma was forced to sell socks at her stall again in order to survive and earn money for food and medical care, and because her medical insurance card was blocked, she had to pay the full amount of her medical bills out of pocket. However, Wang Kouma was often harassed by the city police and had to confiscate his socks.

Wang Khauma questioned, “Is this how the people’s government in a socialist country works for the people?”

It is reported that the CCP’s Shanghai Social Security Bureau refunded Wang Kouma the pension he received in prison based on a response letter from the Ministry of Social Security to requests from the Department of Labor and Social Security of Heilongjiang Province, Jiangxi Province, Guangdong Province, and Chongqing Municipality. However, the response letter did not include Shanghai, and had no governing effect on the city.

Wang said, “The pension I am entitled to is what I deserve for the work I did for the country before I retired. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of services to the public. Besides, I am not guilty of any crime, so I have no reason to ask for it back.”

Wang Kouma’s situation was supported by many visitors, one of whom said, “At present, not only one Wang Kouma can’t afford to see a doctor, but also millions of Chinese elderly people who have old age diseases, such as brain atrophy, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. The medicine they need has been changed to self-pay items, and the self-pay price is higher than the price of medical insurance. The people’s government should think more about the people!”

Wang Kouma’s stall was harassed by the city. (Courtesy of the interviewee)

Wang Kouma’s stall was harassed by the city. (Courtesy of the interviewee)