Hebei Shecheng County 500 owners have a property license house but can not transfer

According to a report by Phoenix Finance on April 2, a homeowner in Lijing Mingcheng district wanted to sell his house but found that he could not transfer it and could not exchange his real estate certificate. There are 500 such owners, but everyone was previously unaware of this.

These owners approached the local housing department for advice, and the county housing department staff told them that there were problems with the nature of land use of these houses in the district, so the houses could not be “settled” properly.

The Lijing Mingcheng district was built around 2010 and handed over in 2012. The owner bought the house when all the formalities are done according to the formal process, the purchase contract, the property certificate and even invoices and deeds and other documents all have. At that time, the developer and the staff of the license did not inform the owners of the district house has any problems, the owners have been unaware of the house can not “fall clan” thing.

Now the owners are puzzled, since the nature of land use is problematic, why was the community able to pass the approval to build up? Why did the developer never inform the owners of this problem during the process of buying houses and applying for property certificates later?

The owners are very worried, they found the developer to seek to solve the problem, but the developer is avoiding.

Last May, the Natural Resources and Planning Bureau of Shecheng County issued a “land acquisition notice” on the matter, but nothing happened after that. As of now, the problem of “falling clan” of the house in Lijing Mingcheng district has not been solved.

The so-called “fallen” simply means that in the process of real estate registration, you must first establish the relationship between the house (property code that is the house ID) and the land (land code that is the land ID), and generate a unique real estate unit code, that is, “fallen”. “The house that has not been registered.

The house without the fallen clan, because it can not apply for real estate certificates, can not be transferred, and therefore can not be normal transactions; no fallen clan house is generally also not available for mortgage loans.

The report said that Mr. Wang’s district encountered the problem of “fallen clan”, not the first time, and not an isolated case. Previously, Hebei, Shandong, Shaanxi and other places have appeared.

For how to solve the “fallen clan” problem, Beijing Xinbang Law Firm founding partner Zhao Haicheng lawyer said, to solve the fallen clan problem, you need to provide housing sales contract, identity documents, property certificates, original land certificates and other related information according to the requirements of the local real estate registration management center, for the corresponding registration; in different administrative divisions for When registering, you can consult with the local real estate management center.

But from the encounter of more than 500 owners in Lijing Mingcheng District, in reality, the problem of “falling into the clan” is much more complicated to solve. From last year to now, the developer and the relevant departments did not clearly inform the owners of the reason why the house in Lijing Mingcheng District could not be settled, nor did they give a specific plan and deadline for solving the problem.

The netizen “empty mountain new language 906” said: “should not exist how also built up? And also the formal formalities of the sale? The people take the blame for what!”

Netizen “dandelion 614” said, “must have changed the nature of land use.”

Some netizens also expressed dissatisfaction with the developer’s intentional deception of owners, Guang Dong Fang Daily “E6saM1” said, “The developer will not end well.”