Taiwan to follow the United States to cancel the special treatment of Hong Kong? Hong Kong people in Taiwan: it is not appropriate to cut across the board

Taiwan Land Commission spokesman Chiu Chui-ching.

Nine people, including the founder of Hong Kong One Media Group, Lai Chi-ying, and Hong Kong pro-democracy leader Lee Chu-ming, were convicted by a Hong Kong court on January 1 of two counts of organizing and participating in an illegal assembly. The spokesman for Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council, Chiu Chui-ching, pointed out at a press conference on January 1 that they were respected predecessors of the pro-democracy movement and were convicted for peacefully and rationally expressing their demands, which is saddening.

Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council: Incredibly saddened by the conviction of Martin Lee and others

The government’s decision to use the “new” method to protect the rights of the people of Hong Kong is a major step forward. The Land Commission solemnly condemns all acts of suppression of dissenting views and brutalization of democracy and human rights, and even if those in power try to spread the chilling effect in Hong Kong, they cannot stop the general trend of universal values.”

The seven defendants, including Martin Lee and Lai Chi-ying, were convicted in the illegal assembly case. (RFA)

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken recently released his annual report on the Hong Kong Policy Act, certifying to Congress that Hong Kong’s autonomy does not qualify for special treatment under U.S. law. Does Taiwan follow up to amend or cancel the Hong Kong and Macao regulations?

The United States intends to cancel the special treatment of Hong Kong Taiwan: the overall consideration

The government’s policy and position on Hong Kong will not only take into account the overall situation between Hong Kong and the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, the actions of the Chinese Communist Party and the Hong Kong government, but will also take into account the policy trends of major countries,” said Chiu Chui-cheng. The government will continue to monitor the development of the situation, and review and study the existing laws and regulations relating to Hong Kong, and assess the facts to carry out the necessary countermeasures.”

Qiu mentioned that the government not only supports Hong Kong people in their fight for freedom and democracy, but also takes a number of concrete actions, including the establishment of the Taiwan-Hong Kong Service Exchange Office to assist Hong Kong people through institutional mechanisms.

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party legislator Liu Shifang pointed out in an interview with Radio Free Asia on the 2nd that the Chinese National People’s Congress has amended Hong Kong’s electoral system, the SAR government is no longer a democratic government, and the United States is the leading democratic country, taking the lead in putting forward countermeasures.

Green Committee: Hong Kong only patriots left in power

Liu Shifang said, “Hong Kong’s political system is only left with patriotism in power, and the loss of a democratic society in the legislative and executive between the supervision function, will lose the people should enjoy the democratic system, I think we need to look at the overall situation, and continue to maintain a high degree of concern.”

Lai Chi-ying, founder of Hong Kong’s Next Media Group, arrives at the Court of Final Appeal in a prison van on Feb. 9, 2021. (Reuters)

Liu Shih-fang said that Taiwan’s determination of Chinese and Hong Kong capital, which is jointly determined by the Land Commission, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of the Interior and many other units, is a flexible determination. Is it possible that Taiwan will consider the governments of Hong Kong and Macau as part of the Chinese government in the future? It has not been determined yet. Taiwan’s five national security laws are to prevent the invasion of red capital in the supply chain.

Civil society groups, the convener of the Economic and Democratic Alliance Lai Chung-keung 2 interview with Radio Free Asia, pointed out that, in response to the situation in Hong Kong, the Economic and Democratic Alliance has proposed a draft amendment to the Hong Kong-Macau relations, the formulation of the “Hong Kong-Macau democratic human rights provisions”, the Democratic Progressive Party and a number of cross-party legislators support, hoping to be included in the priority bill.

Civil society proposed to amend the Hong Kong-Macau democracy clause

Lai said that the draft proposed by the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong requires the Executive Yuan to submit regular reports: “The Executive Yuan is required to report at least annually on the human rights situation in Hong Kong, the implementation of the democratic system, as well as China’s use of the special status of Hong Kong and Macau to infiltrate in Taiwan, and the situation of Hong Kong people receiving assistance in Taiwan under Article 18 of the Hong Kong-Macau Relations Ordinance, and to submit reports on the first four items. In response to the first four reports, the government should propose a response plan, including whether it should formulate a relevant administrative plan? To prepare the relevant budget? Revise regulations, orders, and draft laws? Even in the most serious case, should we stop the application of the Hong Kong-Macau Relations Ordinance?”

Lawyer Samp, a political commentator who moved to Taiwan from Hong Kong, pointed out in an interview with Radio Free Asia on the 2nd that the existing Article 60 of the Hong Kong and Macau regulations, which gives the president the right to issue emergency orders, can take effect when the president orders it, unless the Legislative Yuan vetoes it.

Hong Kong Democratic Party founding chairman Martin Lee (L) and former chairman Albert Ho arrive at the West Kowloon Law Courts on April 1, 2021. (Reuters)

Thorpe suggested not to terminate the whole Hong Kong and Macau Ordinance, but to meticulously target some of the amendments. For example, Article 18 of the assistance to Hong Kong people under political persecution to help many Hong Kong people, Article 31 on Hong Kong capital as foreign investment, if changed to Chinese capital, will affect the current six million investment immigration threshold.

Hong Kong and Macao regulations across the board fear of hurting innocent people should first review the positioning of Hong Kong capital

If there is no Hong Kong and Macao regulations to support the study, employment, investment, dependents in Taiwan, and the Hong Kong people will be fully equivalent to mainland Chinese, the impact is very big. The sudden repeal of the Hong Kong and Macao regulations this law will cause a lot of unnecessary backlash.”

Thorpe said: “Taiwan’s legal system is designed to stop the Hong Kong and Macao Ordinance, it is the same as sweeping all Hong Kong people to the mainland side, the magnitude and depth, is far greater than the United States to enter into the Hong Kong autonomy law, because the concept of Hong Kong autonomy law is to abolish the special treatment in trade and related matters, and does not involve a full range of things. But the Hong Kong and Macao Ordinance is a full range of things, so I think the government of the Republic of China and the private sector, can not be handled without careful.”

Thorpe believes that special treatment is necessary to cancel part of, “to protect Taiwan’s point of view, if the Hong Kong capital as exactly the same as foreign investment, that many of the Chinese background of Hong Kong capital continue to penetrate into Taiwan, the footprint is very large, I think this should have long been to take action, do not need to wait until after the United States recently made action to confirm the abolition of special treatment in Hong Kong, Taiwan only to Action, Taiwan should have been ahead of the deployment, it is not too late, but I think we can not cannon to hit the flies.”