Booming: Chinese Communist Party destroys samples to conceal the epidemic and has studied coronavirus before the outbreak

Then-US deputy national security adviser Bomen pointed to the Wuhan virus lab as the most likely source of the Chinese Communist virus.

On the first anniversary of the global outbreak of the Chinese communist virus (coronavirus), CBS aired an interview with former Trump administration deputy national security adviser Bo Ming, during which he said that the Chinese government cooperated with the military at the beginning of the outbreak and directly ordered the destruction of virus samples, refusing to voluntarily share genetic sequences. And the U.S. has information that the Wuhan virus lab was already working on the coronavirus before the outbreak.

Speaking on CBS’s 60 Minutes last weekend, Bo Ming said, “The Beijing government directly ordered the destruction of all virus samples, and they did not voluntarily share the genetic sequences.” He said this led to the CDC not having access to the outbreak research until late December, and that “the Chinese Communist Party, with the help of the military, tried to cover this up and tried to contain it until it was too late. We are now feeling the consequences of that.”

Boming added that U.S. intelligence indicated that prior to the outbreak, scientists at the Wuhan lab were previously working specifically on coronaviruses, “which attach to the same ACE2 receptors in human lungs as the CCP virus.”

“The Chinese Communist military has conducted a series of studies in collaboration with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, but the Chinese Communist government has not acknowledged this, and we have seen the data.” Bo Ming said, “I’ve seen the data with my own eyes, but still don’t know why the military chose that lab, which is a major clue that needs to be pursued by the press, by the World Health Organization.”

Referring to the outbreak investigation released by the World Health Organization, Bomin said, “The WHO has made multiple untrue or false claims about this virus – that it will not spread from person to person, that it will not be asymptomatic, etc.”

He claimed that the panel of experts sent to China by the WHO to investigate the origin of the virus was made up of people handpicked by the Beijing government, leading to biased findings.

“It’s like asking rabbits to investigate what happened to the lettuce they were guarding. So it’s not a credible approach.”

While many questions have been raised about the origin of the CCP virus, it is unlikely that the WHO researchers will provide answers, according to Bomin. However, the U.S. intelligence investigation concluded that the CCP virus was not man-made or genetically modified.

The Chinese government has made it very difficult to track down the evidence with certainty,” Bomin said. But if you consider the circumstantial evidence, it’s far more likely that some sort of human error caused the pandemic narrative than the natural outbreak narrative.”

On March 26, former CDC director Robert Redfield told CNN that he believes the virus most likely came from a Wuhan lab, and that as a virologist, he “has devoted his life to virus research and would not think that this virus was accidentally transmitted from bats to people. “

Redfield said that “it is not uncommon for laboratory workers working with respiratory pathogens to be infected in the laboratory.”