Cell phone change again! Samsung is developing a dual-fold phone

As we all know, Samsung has been trying to promote the folding screen phone in the past two years, this year also launched the Galaxy Z Fold2 + Galaxy Z Flip dual-line strategy, and the utility of the folding screen has increased greatly, the harvest is very rich.

At present, Samsung’s two folding screen phone were used up and down folding and left and right folding two different forms, but Samsung is still not satisfied with the status quo.

According to the latest news, Samsung is developing the “next generation” folding screen phone, will achieve the double-folding effect, can bring a larger form of transformation, after unfolding can bring at least 10 inches of display screen, will again bring the phone form of change.

It is reported that Samsung is likely to use the Galaxy Z Fold3 model for the first time in the dual-fold design, after the machine has been exposed overseas renders, showing the design of the machine.

According to the news, Samsung has developed two internal dual-folding solutions, one of which is similar to the opening and closing of a Christmas card, with the large main screen supporting folding on both sides, and a small secondary screen on the outside after closing, to facilitate the operation of the phone after folding.

The other one is a “Z” fold, which makes the phone only need one screen, and the part of the screen left on the outside after folding can naturally replace the previous secondary screen, which is more practical and also more in line with the Galaxy “Z” Fold name. ” Fold name.

But it should be noted that this “Z” folded way will bring a higher thickness than the previous Galaxy Z Fold, although the screen size increased again, but the portability is a huge blow, I do not know whether Samsung will eventually achieve optimization through some innovative technology.

According to the previous news, Samsung will probably officially launch the Galaxy Z Fold3 model earlier this year around May, so stay tuned.