Registration required for “over 24 hours” stay in Shanghai? Chinese netizens react “next step to independent statehood, right?”

Chinese netizens were dumbfounded when the “Shanghai Real Population Service and Management Regulations” came into effect on April 1, requiring registration of people who stay in Shanghai for more than 24 hours, saying, “Oh boy, is this discrimination? Is it an insult to China? Is it a sanction? Do we need to boycott?” The Chinese government also said that it is “going to go back”, “April Fool’s Day is starting to be implemented, it is very fitting”.

After the release of the news, netizens were highly concerned about the issue of “whether people coming to Shanghai (Shanghai) for a short stay need to be compulsorily registered”, and many people were extremely reactive to the matter and made the message area blocked. The main purpose is to improve the effectiveness of the “real population services”, individuals can register independently and voluntarily according to their needs, without mandatory requirements.

In response, Chinese netizens were dumbfounded, saying, “The next step is to build an independent country, we need to get a passport to go to Shanghai,” “Now it’s still a visa on arrival, the next step is to set up embassies in the provinces,” “Do other provinces and cities want to follow suit? What?” The whole of China was cursing Shanghai last night”, “voluntary registration for those who need it? Shanghai is a warm international metropolis”, but some people think that “it is good to register voluntarily and get effective services”, “in fact, it is more comfortable to register yourself”.