12-year-old girl in Hubei was scolded by her teacher jumped to her death from the 32nd floor

Recently, a 12-year-old female student, Chen X Xin (hereinafter referred to as Xiaoxin), from General City Primary School in Hong’an County, Hubei Province, committed suicide by jumping from the 32nd floor. It has been reported that Xiaoxin was suspected to have been affected by a conflict between two teachers at the school. Before Xiao Xin jumped, she was also scolded by a teacher to “get out of the classroom”.

On March 31, a netizen broke the news that Xiao Xin fell to her death on the 32nd floor of her home on March 30.

According to the public network – poster news reports, Xiao Xin’s class teacher and language teacher Cheng teacher and Ye teacher are privately opened outside the school tutorial classes, Xiao Xin attended Cheng teacher’s class. As it is a violation to open a class outside of school, Mr. Cheng ordered the students involved in his cram school to keep it a secret.

On April 1, Xiaoxin’s family said that Xiaoxin left the school to go home at 11:20 a.m. on March 30. 11:30 a.m., the district surveillance showed Xiaoxin crying in the elevator room.

The company’s mother, Ms. Li, received a phone call from Ms. Cheng questioning why Xiao Xin had to tell Mr. Ye that she was running a tutoring program outside of school.

At around 11:33 a.m., Xiaoxin came home and shut herself into the bathroom to cry. Then, Xiao Xin cried to her mother, that morning, Mr. Ye asked in front of the class which students were in Mr. Cheng’s tutorial classes, some students stood up and admitted, Xiao Xin did not dare to stand up and admit. At this point, the other students in the class informed Mr. Ye that Xiao Xin had been tutoring in Mr. Cheng’s class.

Xiaoxin told her mother that she was scolded by Mr. Ye in public, saying, “If you insist on tutoring at Mr. Cheng, don’t come to math class in the future and get out of the classroom!”

At 12:10, Xiaoxin did not let her mother send her to school and went out alone. 1 minute or so, Ms. Li did not feel comfortable chasing her child out the door and found that she had disappeared. After that, Xiaoxin fell to her death from the 32nd floor of her home.

The family said that both Mr. Cheng and Mr. Ye privately opened tuition classes for profit and required students to attend. Xiao Xin jumped because she was afraid of being scolded by the two teachers.

On April 1, the local Education Bureau responded by saying that the teachers involved had been suspended from school to investigate the situation and to investigate the teachers’ off-campus tuition in the county.

The incident was exposed, sparking outrage and criticism from mainland netizens.

Yueyang City, Hunan Province, netizens said, “This is by no means a simple violation of teacher rules and teacher style behavior, but the classroom teacher, classroom teacher power corruption after the vicious onset of degeneration, is a corrupt official corruption official extension and fly contagion, both let people shudder and let people outrageous hair, students can not die in the teacher’s dream of getting rich, is this not a sinister robbery, is not the rule of law should be ruled by the category! “

There are also mainland netizens said, “Why teachers in the school outside the opening of cramming classes repeatedly prohibited? Which is the problem!” “Normal school why do you want to make up classes, are unscrupulous teachers to force children to death, should be completely in the country to rectify, this can not go on.”

“Some teachers are not in the classroom during the main lesson, outside the school on the cramming class, is the problem of teacher morality! The Ministry of Education should fire all of these teachers, but can never be involved in the teacher!” “Both of these remedial teachers deserve to die.” “When you aim for profit you lose your mind.” “This is a criminal act! Just suspension is too light, isn’t it?” “How much it hurts to be a parent! And this tragedy is still man-made, how sad!”