Hong Kong democrats convicted New York Post editorial: Proof that China is only getting worse

Hong Kong’s “One Media” founder Lai Chi-ying and the “father of democracy in Hong Kong” Lee Chu-ming and other seven people, accused of organizing and participating in the “anti-China” rally in the previous year, was found guilty of two counts on the first day. The sentencing is expected to take place on the 16th, with a maximum sentence of 5 years for each crime. In response, the New York Post published an editorial criticizing this as the latest evidence of the Chinese government’s “loyalty to tyranny” and proving once again that the West was wrong about China in the past.

The newspaper’s editorial on January 1, titled “Convictions of Hong Kong dissidents prove that China is only getting worse,” said that Hong Kong’s “dissidents” have been convicted of crimes against humanity. The newspaper’s editorial on the 1st pointed out that Hong Kong’s “kangaroo court” had convicted seven pro-democracy activists, including 82-year-old Lee Chu-ming and 72-year-old Lai Chi-ying, in response to an “unauthorized” demonstration the year before. The editorial points out that the Hong Kong government has used the police to convict seven pro-democracy activists.

The editorial pointed out that the Hong Kong government’s use of police force to restrict peaceful demonstrations has infringed on Hong Kong people’s freedom of assembly, “but these puppet judges have joined Beijing in defying the rights that Beijing has promised to give to Hong Kong people.” The article also criticizes that the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of China passed a resolution on March 30 to revise Hong Kong’s electoral system, turning the Legislative Council into a “rubber-stamp parliament”.

More importantly, this chain of events proves that Western countries, such as former U.S. President Bill Clinton, have been wrong in asserting that China’s integration into the world economy will encourage human rights and freedoms. With Beijing’s broken promises to Hong Kong and its genocide of ethnic minorities such as the Uighurs in Xinjiang, “it rather makes this optimism look incredibly foolish.