The “long-giving ship” crippled global shipping! Canal Authority officials reveal the reason for the grounding

Evergreen “Chang Chi” cargo ship in the Suez Canal for nearly a week after the grounding, finally in the 29th of last month to get out of the trap, has been in the canal of the big bitter lake (Bitter Lake) mooring under investigation. In this regard, the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) officials pointed out that one of the reasons for the grounding of the “long-giving ship” was the captain’s “execution of the wrong action”, and weather factors occurred at the same time.

The comprehensive foreign media reports, the Egyptian government recently the first judgment is too much wind to cause the “Chang Chi ship” stranding incident, the Suez Canal Authority director Osama Rabie, the weather factors and human error may be the “Chang Chi ship” stranding He also pointed out that the official investigation began on March 31, and stressed that the ship should not leave the Great Bitter Lake until the investigation is completed.

According to Al-Arabiya Satellite TV, two Suez Canal Authority officials interviewed by Italian media revealed that the reason the vessel ran aground was because the ship’s captain made a “mistake”, causing the vessel to enter the ship’s path. The ship ran aground because the captain of the ship made a “mistake,” causing the “Changci ship” to deviate severely from the bow before entering the channel, followed by a huge rocking of the ship.

The two officials explained that although the weather was bad at the time, with a sandstorm and strong winds causing the captain to have poor visibility, “(the captain’s) wrong maneuvering occurred at the same time as the sandstorm and strong winds, but weather factors were not the entire cause of the accident.” It was also revealed that other vessels had passed through the canal in the past under the same weather conditions but were not affected.

In response to the concern of all walks of life about compensation, Evergreen Marine General Manager Xie Huiquan pointed out that Evergreen Marine is chartered to the Japanese Zhengrong Steamship, the accident is mainly the responsibility of the shipowner, and although Evergreen is responsible for the cargo, but according to maritime law, the shipping carrier is exempted from liability for cargo delays, so Evergreen Marine has not been claimed, plus Evergreen Marine has insurance, exposure insurance is very low.